Agnes MaI – Soulful Beyond Her Years

Agnes Mai  sings and plays the piano to her narrative pop songs with a lot of feeling and wisdom beyond her years.  Her lyrics are often playful and written from a slightly unexpected perspective, and they can be about both the happy and difficult parts of life, taking you on a rollercoaster of emotions from joy to heartache and back again. 

Even difficult things can turn into something beautiful in Agnes Mai’s musical world. Agnes writes all her own songs as well as doing all her own productions, an amazing undertaking at such a young age, but when you listen her music she is writing and singing material beyond here age, with an ethereal way of presentation and delivery. 

  She has always loved making music, but started writing songs regularly in high school. Before that, she played a lot of covers, and was active in the choir in Lund, which has influenced her music and given her tools to create her own music.  This shows in her song “Like a Virus”.  Watch Agnes Mai with a live version of “Like a Virus” on YouTube here:

During 2022 and 2023, Agnes Mai has studied songwriting at Blekinge Folkhögskola. At that time, she released her first two singles “Not a Human” and “Thinking of You”, and also made it to the Blekinge final of P4 Næst with the first single “Not a Human”.

Bringing her very special blend of sound, vocals and songs to Lilla By Festivalen this is one artist I am looking forward to seeing perform live. 

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