A Hidden Treasure in Sweden – Meet Simon Roosé 

Submitted by Sandy Graham

Since Simon Roosé  was five years old, he have wanted to be a musician. “It wasn’t until I was 13 that I became completely obsessed with playing, creating, and listening to music. In the past eight years, I began my musical journey by singing in choirs. Later, I attended Christian 4:s Gymnasium in Kristianstad, where I experimented with many musical genres, including pop, rock, indie rock, hip-hop, jazz, funk, and fusion. I also studied a variety of instruments, including the guitar, drums, bass, and piano, but I fell in love with playing the guitar and have been playing the guitar as my main instrument ever since,” Simon tells us from his home in Sweden.

In addition to producing his own instrumental music, Simon eventually formed an indie band with some of his friends but as the story always goes the band eventually  disbanded. 

But in my personal opinion, this was a blessing because I had the great pleasure of seeing this young talent perform at Kristianstad Music Days last February, a sister event to Lilla By Festivalen.  His showcase was amazing, and he captivated the audience with his soothing vocals, tasteful guitar licks that blended harmoniously with the saxophone blending in to create a smooth jazz feel. 

Check out this YouTube of the live performance of Woman (live) 


Not to be content with just writing and performing, this young, fresh talent sought out more education to hone his craft.  “I applied to several schools after finishing my studies, but I ultimately chose to do a production course at AP Academy in Stockholm, where I was able to further develop my own production skills. In addition to my studies, I was an active member of a jazz band where I played with amazing musicians who had been playing jazz for over 50 years. Along with my studies, I was a member of a jazz band where I played with amazing players who had been playing their instruments for longer than I had. It was one of the most instructive things I’ve ever done, and it helped me become a better musician then ever before. It was after this experience that I fell in love with jazz.”

“In 2022, I enrolled in a songwriting course at Blekinge Folkhögskola, where I discovered my own writing style. I am currently creating music for an album that will have a strong jazz, R&B and indie pop influence with the theme of all stages of love. This album is intend to be produced and released in the fall of 2023.”

Now Simon Roosé will once again be performing at a Showcase Festival in Rinkaby, Sweden where he will be entertaining local friends and fans, while be introduced to global delegates who can now see what I saw in this talented young artist. Simon takes to the stage at https://www.lillabyfestivalen.se/

and if you are lucky enough to be at the festival check the website for details. 

“During Lilla By Festivalen, I’ll be performing some of the songs that are currently being worked on for the record with a full band,” Simon says. “It truly is a great opportunity and humbling to be able to present my music in such a great event and atmosphere.”