Rusty Creek Puts a Bluesy Spin on Elton John’s Classic with ‘Honky Cat’

Rusty Creek’s new single “Honky Cat” is a cover of the iconic, timeless Elton John classic. The band, whose influences also include an eclectic mix of Bessie Smith, Little Feat, and John Prine, say that they decided to record the single because it’s one of their most-requested live tunes. Check it out on YouTube here:

Rusty Creek is a collection of lifelong musicians Alex DeethPeter CallawayLee Stephens, and Leonard Saidman who have all enjoyed a variety of success in the music industry since the 1960s. Their experience makes for a well-polished collection of roots music that you could hear at any pub from coast-to-coast. Their most recent album, The Road of Life is full of songs that range from moods as varied as a stomping party to reflective storytelling. Their previous singles include “Bombs Away,” “White Sails,” “Hello, Old Friend,” and “Kitchen Party.”

Listen on Spotify here:

 Initially, when Alex suggested “Honky Cat,” the band thought, “How could this work? No piano, no horns… what was he thinking?” But as soon as he set up the funky acoustic rhythm guitar, it just came together naturally. Having no piano at the time, it was left to the banjo to fill in some of the signature sounds and the lap steel to give it a little body and take it somewhere else. “Once Lee and Leonard added the bass and drums, we knew we had something a little different and a fun new take in this great old tune,” said the band. “The video is a slide show of some interesting images we found here and there. They may or may not help the narrative but they’re certainly fun to look at while you’re tapping your feet.”