Haley K Turner’s Highly Anticipated Alt.Folk Single “Can’t Find Her” Explores Feelings Of Regret

“Can’t Find Her”, Haley K Turner’s new single feels more sinister than the organically crafted folk-pop songs on her debut album in from the dark, heard on CBC and radio across Canada.

Recorded at Monarch Studios with Juno nominated producer Tom Dobrzanski (Said the Whale, The Zolas), the foreboding alternative folk song exudes a cold undertone. Uplifted by a clever arrangement of pop strings, “Can’t Find Her” blends rhythmic guitar (Adrian Glynn) and drums (Flavio Cirillo) with blunt lyrics that expose the way our mundane differences distract us from experiencing joy in long term relationships. Or rather, the repercussions of infidelity. 

Listen on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/track/6ppaxFAMdnCMa8oWJ9oiDH?si=ab76f3b018ee4528&nd=1

Having grown up in Kelowna, the now Vancouver-based Singer Songwriter infuses the visual aftermath of mass wildfires while posing a compelling question about our carefully crafted lives; what happens when we abandon them on a whim?

Turner, an indie artist and mother with a flair for talking about hard things, rarely relies on smoke and mirrors to entice listeners into connecting with her music. It’s notable how gracefully Haley floats around genres in her releases to date, while maintaining a strong identity as a songwriter. Centring around emotionally impactful lyrics that showcase a versatile artist who weaves in and out of great sadness and blind hope. Digging deep into the crevices of our lives where struggles with body image, equality, motherhood, and loss exist yet effortlessly brightening our connections to one another.

Precariously balancing the creation of music with motherhood, Haley’s releases are solely determined by what parts of herself, and her music feel right to share with her listeners at a specific moment in time.

This approach inspired the live video for Blue and Yellow released April 2023 featuring Aline Daigle (Rumour Mill) and Adrian Glynn (The Fugitives). Addressing the war in Ukraine with a reminder that we have been here before. “History doesn’t owe us anything, it’s up to us to make it worth something.” And in May, Haley quietly shared a personal folksy song dedicated to her late Grandmother that features both her dad and her daughter, a lifelong dream of hers. All The Little Rocks beautifully offers insight into her personal life.

Check it out on YouTube here: https://music.youtube.com/channel/UC4J5-eVXwNOPt1DnQHaZmAQ

 Haley’s spirited side shines through her authentically moving songs, especially in her delightful live performances where her ability to bring you to tears is softened by her mesmerizing sense of humour and enlightening self deprecation.