Rock Band My Own Addiction Display Resolve In “Back To You” From Self-Titled Album

When the world is chaotic and your personal life is in shambles too, it can be hard to find the strength to move forward. Yet no matter how difficult life can get, there is always something worth holding on for Oshawa, ON-based rock band My Own Addiction embodies this resolve in their new single, “Back To You.” Check it out on YouTube here:

Steady drums from Todd Burrows and bass from Tim Reesor open the song, punctuated by lead guitarist Andrew Losier. By the time the husky vocals of lead singer Alexandra Augustine come in, the song has properly kicked off with lyrics about military propaganda that are cleverly linked to a personal wound in the heart.

“The propaganda brought us out here to win, and the lies are absurd and the chances they look slim,

The armies fought until they no longer could, and the end was approaching, death was understood,

And there’s a bullet now wedged in my heart and I won’t let this wound keep us apart”

Moreover, the song’s chorus links the verses especially well. On the surface, it appears to be about finding your way back to a lover despite “dying” of a bullet wound to the heart. When considered alongside the other verses discussing military propaganda and school shootings, the chorus has a deeper meaning of learning to live on for those you love despite all the violence and strife in the world.

Of the song’s inspirations, Augustine states, “One thing that wounds me deeply is the loss of innocence. Around the time that I was working on this song, there was a school shooting that happened. I had to get it out on paper, and the story that unfolded was that of someone desperately wanting to get back to those they love and writing a letter to tell them.”

Moreover, the song is one facet of the band’s upcoming self-titled debut album, which features themes of personal vices and addictions that are reflective of someone trying to live life to the fullest. The song’s boldness carries over from the album’s previous track “Cigarette”, which shows a sexier and playful side.

Listen on Spotify here:

My Own Addiction gradually came together in 2021, after Andrew Losier and Todd Burrows met and started to write music for their first album. By the time Tim Reesor and Alexandra Augustine came on, the guitar and drums were musically arranged, and the group were able to go into the studio in December 2022. “Back To You” is the first single off My Own Addiction’s self-titled debut album out now.