Pop Rockers ORCHAD Deliver Infectious Energy with New Single ‘Damaged Goods’

Hailing from Montreal, ORCHAD defies genre labels with their unique blend of rock, pop, and R&B. Their music is a powerful expression of personal experiences, including overcoming bullying, addictions, and heartache. Julian and Justyn, the founding members, discovered solace in song during life’s challenges and have since created something truly remarkable. In short, ORCHAD is a musical force to be reckoned with.

ORCHAD’s debut EP, Vices & Desires, showcases newly released single “Damaged Goods”, which is more than just a song; it’s a rallying cry for authenticity and self-discovery. “It’s a call to break free from the chains of expectation and find solace in your own journey,” say the group. “So, turn up the volume, roll down the windows, and let this anthem inspire you to rewrite your narrative. You have the power to reshape your world and celebrate every part of who you are.”

Check out “Damaged Goods” on YouTube here:

From the start, ORCHAD had a clear vision. They opted to release singles before taking the stage, ensuring that their growing following was familiar with their music. By frequently releasing tracks that showcased their personalities, ORCHAD aimed to create an irresistible blend of catchy, headbanging tunes that defied conventional genre labels.

This unique formula quickly attracted attention, including that of Montreal comedian and podcaster Pantelis. Impressed by ORCHAD’s talent, Pantelis chose their song “Critically Ashamed” as the intro and end theme for his popular podcasts, “The Pantelis Podcast” and “The Pantelis Frenchcast.” Additionally, ORCHAD collaborated with Pantelis on an original track for “The Intellectuals” Podcast.

As their buzz grew in Montreal, ORCHAD seized opportunities to showcase their electrifying live performances. Their debut show saw them opening for renowned comedians such as Mike Ward, Preach (of Aba and Preach), Charles Deschamps, and Maxim Martin at the sold-out inaugural event “Les Rebelles,” a French-language version of Montreal’s prestigious “The Nasty Show” during Just For Laughs 2022. Their stage presence and heartfelt performances left a lasting impression on the 700-strong audience. In their second show, ORCHAD outsold the headlining band by a remarkable 2:1 ratio. Their dynamic energy and engaging performances garnered invitations to captivate audiences in multiple venues across Ontario, where they won over crowds who had previously been unaware of their music.

ORCHAD’s achievements, infectious melodies, headbanging riffs, and irresistible dance beats, have made waves in Montreal’s music scene. Critics have hailed them as one of the hottest acts in the city, while fans find solace and inspiration in their heartfelt and dynamic performances. ORCHAD is a band that refuses to be confined by expectations and are poised for continued success as they redefine expectations and make pioneer their own way forward. 

Listen on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/album/6Egt75tm7OEusUpZrT0CDp?si=Q7xRceg3QSmp9rRXdkh3SQ&nd=1

 “Damaged Goods” comes out on June 9, 2023. ORCHAD’s album The Mask of Happiness drops in January 2024.