Montreal-Based Turbine’s New Single “Reality” Invents a New Universe Through Turntablism and Bass

“Reality,” the newest single from Montreal-based trio Turbine, alters the perception of the tangible human dimension as we know it. Check it out on YouTube here:

 “When we started working on the ‘Reality’ track, we were looking for a track that would close our show and reach a sort of climax with a peak of intensity,” the trio reflected. 

Through advanced scratching techniques and fueled bass builds, the trio invents a new liquid reality, complete with a vocalist interspersing “reality” throughout the two-and-a-half-minute run time. Turbine’s passion lies within the scope of turntablism and saturated beats. While they don’t categorize themselves as DJs, instead a band that thrives during live performances, they do acknowledge their innate ability to create a new world through scratching and spinning. 

All group members – Benjamin Bongert, Tony Ragon, and Nicolas Rame – are from France but now live in Montreal, where they meet and master their world-building sound. Turbine strives to achieve a peak experience beyond bass music through each live track they play. Yet, even without experiencing “Reality” live, the hard drum and bass track teleports listeners to a third dimension awash in Ben, Tony, and Nico’s talents.  According to Turbine, each track undergoes extensive pre-production questioning. “Every time we produce a song, we ask ourselves a lot of questions about how we’re going to play it as a turntablist, where it’s going to fit in the set? Which sound will have the most impact? Which one will give the most scenic dimension?” they said. 

For “Reality,” the group claimed, “We chose crunchy, Neurofunk-inspired tracks with fast attacks for more dynamism and short but catchy vocals.” Drum and bass rhythms with a split snare underlay the track, calling attention to original drum and bass enthusiasts. 

Listen on Spotify here:

 “Once the track is over, we reverse engineer. We explode the track in tens of micro samples that we dispatch between us to play it with the turntables,” Turbine continues.  From the opening sequence, the listener transports into an extraordinary universe only achieved with Turbine’s help. “Reality isn’t real. What you see is what you get,” they said. 

The turntable crescendos and fizzles into an explosive bass beat drop that explodes into a powerful drum and bass loop with scratching and synth percussion techniques that melt the brain and make any newcomer yearn to attend a Turbine show. Throughout the track, the same vocals introducing the listener to the universe mutter reality, assuring the listener they realize the greatness they’re witnessing.