MDMP’s New Single ‘Fire’ Blazes With Collaboration Featuring Mike Evans Of UK’s Profile

Founded, formed and fronted by the enigmatic Jeremey Meyer, the heavy, hard-hitting Hawaiian alt-rock outfit MDMP has collaborated with Mike Evans from the UK metal band Profiler for the electrifying single “Fire.” Listen on Spotify here:

According MDMP’s Jeremy Meyer, when he has an idea for a song, he searches music platforms for other musicians or songs with similar motives and sounds. During an intensive search for the perfect sound to interpolate into “Fire,” Spotify stepped up and recommended Profiler to him. So, Meyer reached out to Evans, and just asked him.

“The concept for this song was to reach back to the glory days of nu-metal and be influenced by the likes of bands such as the Deftones,” Meyer said. “The lyrics reach to a place of challenging relationships to whom or what is subject to the listener’s relatable experience.”

With lyrics like “The temptation gets clearer,” the listener relays their own experience to the song. This allows for a universal listening experience. “Will you fight this fire with fire,” Meyer implores through a refrain backed by lingering guitar chords.

This musical collaboration reaches the beaches of Hawaii, the hot mid-summer air of the Midwest of the USA and crossing the Clifton Suspension Bridge of Bristol in the UK. This song is sure to be enjoyable with a low-lit room and a beverage of choice.