Ken Tizzard Releases new single “Drunk, Stoned and Broke”

Ken Tizzard is a Canadian singer-songwriter, bassist and producer, known for his work as a member of the popular Canadian bands The Watchmen, Thornley and Ron Hynes.

In 2003 Ken went into semi-retirement from the rock and roll world to continue to work in the music industry as a solo artist and producer. He has released several albums, including “Lost In Awe” and “No Dark No Light,” which showcase his talent as a songwriter and musician. 

As well Tizzard has proven himself as a talented interpreter of other’s music as shown with his 2018 release of “A Good Dog Is Lost – A Collection of Ron Hynes Songs” and his covid collaboration record “All Together Now” which features 42 musicians from across Canada and the US recording versions of 12 of Ken’s favourite songs.

Music For Goats is the current musical project of Ken Tizzard, formed in 2020. The band consists of Tizzard on bass and vocals, alongside other talented Canadian musicians including Ken Grant and Neil Lucy. Their sound is a mix of country, rock and folk, with lyrics that are often introspective and deeply personal.

Sadly, Music For Goats’ drummer Steve Dagg passed away in 2023. Dagg was a highly respected musician in the Canadian music scene, having played with a number of notable acts throughout his career. His contributions to the band will be greatly missed, and his legacy as a talented drummer and musician will live on.

With the passing of Steve the band has decided to release a series of singles under the title “The Dagg Sessions” which will include all the drum tracks recorded with Steve before his passing in March of 2023.  This will culminate with a vinyl release of these songs in one space at the end of 2023.

The first single is “Drunk, Stoned and Broke” – Check it out on YouTube here

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