Charlie Weber And The Glorious Failures Strengthen Their Resolve In “I Will Be Better Than This” Single

If you’re trying to start over, it can be easier said than done. Sometimes, it feels like you’ve had to pick up the pieces and start again many times before things improve. London, ON’s Emo-Americana Charile Weber and The Glorious Failures capture this discouragement in their new single, “I Will Be Better Than This”. In May 2023, the band will release their newest album “Gold Never Stays”.

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A light acoustic guitar opens the song before tranquil vocals from lead singer Charlie Weber comes in. From there, the song’s honest lyrics grip the listener using a sailing ship as a metaphor for going on a brand-new journey.

“Where it is that we’re going

Cos the seas I’ve weathered seem rather rough

But not as rough as those who anchor to the shores

Hoping that the tide wont pick them up”

Of course, it takes a lot of courage in order to make yourself start over. Weber states, “The song came from a conversation I had with myself in the dark in the basement bathroom of a casual acquaintance’s parents’ house during a snowstorm on New Years Eve. It’s a song about the ego death that comes when you confront the parts of yourself that you hate the most but are too scared to talk about openly.”

By the song’s chorus, the vocals soar like the wind as Weber decides to keep trying to improve himself even when things are hard. Even though the chorus mentions a New Year’s resolution, the song is relatable to any kind of change that may occur in life.

All in all, the entire song shows that as tempting as it is to keep running from change, it is best to learn to face it. Weber confirms this as he explains, “I Will Be Better Than This hopes to explore how running from our fears can do more damage than actually confronting what scares us the most head on. Sometimes you have to take the path of most resistance to get to where you need to be.”

Charlie Weber and The Glorious Failures got their start via a DIY approach in 2013, funding three EPs before releasing their first full length album “Old Habits” in 2018. In 2019 Charlie Weber was included on an official Weakerthans Tribute compilation “One Great Tribute” with the likes of Frank Turner, Bry Webb, Skye Wallace, Del Barber to name a few.

Through grassroots community building Weber has been able to garner a respectable 12,000+ followers across his social platforms allowing him to book and promote over 230 shows himself. In 2021, Charlie Weber & The Glorious Failures booked and played 3 back-to-back-to-back sold out shows in London and Toronto.