Indigenous Rock Artist Sinematic Battles Inner Turmoil In “War With Myself”

Everyone has moments of self-doubt, but for those who must manage mental health issues, it can become a full-blown war. Indigenous hard rock artist Sinematic expresses this struggle in their new single, “War With Myself”, which also features guitar, bass, and drums from artist Loris Castiglia. Check it out on YouTube here:

 The song opens with solemn vocals from Sinematic’s lead singer Ayden Gray, whose voice is a little reminiscent of Danny Elfman as the character Jack Skellington from the film Nightmare Before Christmas. For the first couple of verses, Gray sings of a suspended state of disbelief and darkness before the chorus comes in.

“I can’t go on

fighting like this

always feeling 

alone and worthless

at war with the world”

An interesting aspect of the chorus is how the singer goes from a state of despair to clarity. The second half of the chorus has them realizing that they are upset with themselves rather than the world around them.

In fact, part of the song’s inspiration comes from the internal struggle that can cause you to blame others for your own problems. The artist states, “It’s about that self-doubt, that voice in your head that makes you think you are not good enough. Making you feel like it’s always someone else’s fault for the 

way that you feel, sometimes the bitter truth is that it’s you who are hurting you.”

Listen on Spotify here:

The song’s first three verses are accompanied by guitar that takes on a heavier metal riff once the growls come into the background at the fourth verse. The growls enhance the song’s dark tone expressed by the lead vocals and lyrics.

Near the song’s end, the singer’s vocals become a passionate cry for help as they try to push the listener away while also asking them to truly see them. Lyrically and vocally, this pre-chorus is the most poignant display of the inner struggle discussed throughout the song. To hate yourself and believe you aren’t worthy of getting help while trying to ask for it is a familiar experience for those who struggle with mental health.

Sinematic confirms this as they dedicate the song to those with mental health issues. “I would like to base this song on Mental Health Awareness Month in May to help spread awareness because I know I’m not the only one and would love to connect with people through this song, to let them know that it isn’t our fault the way we feel.”

Sinematic’s first album Relentless was released in 2020, spawning singles that included, “Take You Away”, “Won’t Go Back”, “Rat In A Cage”, and “Wait Forever.” Their second album, The Dark Circus was released in 2022 and featured the single “Indigenous”. Their newest single “War With Myself” is their first release for 2023.