Nigerian-Born, Ottawa, ON-Based Hip-Hop Artist Banggz Medicates His Pain With “Placebo Effect”

Everyone has their own coping mechanisms for dealing with their personal pain. Even if they aren’t necessarily considered healthy to some people, you can’t blame someone for wanting to feel something other than pain for a little while. Lagos, Nigeria-born, Ottawa, ON-based hip-hop artist Banggz puts his vices on full display in his new single “Placebo Effect”.  Listen on Spotify here:

The song opens with an electronic sounding hip-hop beat before Banggz comes in with the song’s witty chorus, which describes leaning on a lover to make his pain easier to deal with.

“Okay okay the Gemini Gem just Began again

Okay okay tryna find balance in between the pain

Okay okay she hit my line just to show me love again

Okay she took things just to open up again

I feel great already”

Although the song’s chorus makes it seem like the lover is an actual person, the lover could also be interpreted as Banggz’ passion for music. Music artists, especially music artists of color, are often expected to mine their personal pain in order to make it in the music industry. This is emphasized through the song’s music video.

As the music video progresses, Banggz performs the song, and his t-shirt gradually becomes soaked in blood. Through the collaborative vision of Banggz and filmmaker Tani Olorunyomi, this music video represents a remarkable response to the human condition and the industry’s insatiable thirst for exploiting artists for their commercial value.

Check it out on YouTube here:

In fact, it would be all too easy to pass off this song as generic due to the suggestive lyrics. However, the commercialism of the song’s lyrics and a hint of electric guitar at the song’s end belies a depth that is explored in the song’s accompanying music video.

With a great appreciation for hip-hop, Banggz draws influence from genres and styles from his birthplace, resulting in a diverse and relatable sound. A natural storyteller, Banggz has the ability to paint scenes through his lyrics, conveying emotions and experiences that his listeners can connect with.

In a past single, “What A Day”, he explores comradery and celebration, while another single “telephone” features a message to his future self. His most recent project is “ttyl”, a 9-track project that explores anxiety.