Tel Aviv Singer-Songwriter Tzvika Force Releases Emotional Ballad “I am moon”

Love can and will conquer all. It can be used as a guiding light towards a path for deeper connections with the people who are closest to you. This love-inspired creation is beautifully illustrated by the talented Israeli pianist and vocalist, Tzvika Force on his latest single, “I am moon” – Check it out on YouTube here:

This powerful and energetic ballad by Tel Aviv-based Tzvika Lorber – aka Tzvika Force, paints an emotional, yet vulnerable piece about the desire and need for connectivity with someone else. “Summer came up too fast. Never hold it that way. I feel I can barely glow. But I believe that you can,” he begins. These words express a sense of uncertainty with the sudden change but strive for the feeling of comfort that comes when everything falls into place.

This is evident in the chorus when you hear Tzvika sing:

“Hold me now.

And save us now.

It’s never something you can’t see.

Hold me now.

And save us both.

And let me guide your way.”

Following the chorus, Tzvika transitions into a faster pace with deeper vocals piercing through, reminiscent of a Rufus Wainwright vibe singing “I am moon. My lightness is bare. Moon, My lightness is bare to you.”

Listen on Spotify here:

The independent alternative songwriter describes the truth and meaning behind the creation of this masterpiece by saying, “It is a love song, a promise to our loved ones that we are there for them as the moon is always there in the heights to support, protect and light the way.”

Written on the piano and inspired by the 1000 Forms of Fear album by the talented Australian singer-songwriter – Sia, this song about the true meaning of love was recorded and produced at Tzvika’s home studio on his album “Mine,” released late last year.

Towards the end of the song, the edgy and creative storyteller can be heard pleading through his deep and electric vocals, about his partner “shining like a movie star,” emphasizing his emotional state and exposing his vulnerability with the expectation that he receives the same sentiments in return to help the relationship grow even further.