Nanaimo-Based Laura Kelsey Releases New EP ‘Hunting Season’

Nanaimo, BC-based singer-songwriter Laura Kelsey is writing modern mythology with her debut EP Hunting Season released on April 29, 2023.

With a powerhouse voice like Evanescence’s Amy Lee and a timeless vibe like Stevie Nicks, prepare to be enchanted by Kelsey’s captivating soundscapes and mystical lyrics. Whether she’s casting a banishing spell after receiving an ex’s friend request on “Your Stormy Ways” or singing a unique creation story on the title track, Laura effortlessly infuses earthy magic into her musical storytelling.

Check out “Stormy Ways” here on YouTube:

“Hunting Season,” Kelsey explains, “is about the cycles of life and seasons. It delves into this mythological idea I created years ago, about an underground pool of energy that sits below a countless number of glowing strings. Each string holds the energy of a living thing on Earth — whether human, plant or animal — and, when a life ends, its string snaps and its energy joins the pool below to be reformed into a new life, a new string. The song, with its dreamy feel, explores cycles in an underground world where every living thing’s life energy is suspended in strings above a great pool. When something dies, its string snaps and its energy rejoins the pool to be dispersed and recreated.”

Listen on Spotify here:

After 10 years of applying for funding, Kelsey finally received a grant from Creative BC to record her debut EP. While primarily a singer-songwriter, Kelsey has fronted metal, blues, and folk bands for over a decade. As a solo artist, she brings these musical influences together to create unique songs inspired by natural West Coast elements, honesty, and dreams.

“Overall,” she says, “the album is about cycles and energy.”

Alongside her music, Kelsey is also a talented filmmaker, and has woven together the EP’s larger folklore through both music videos and visual art. The album’s cover art was shot by photographer and filmmaker Arpen Jhajj, owner of Salt & Charcoal Pictures, and features a dazzling head piece created by floral artist Lisa of Fleur De Lii and a dress handmade by local Valley of Wanderlust.

“Despite it being a very hot day,” Kelsey recalls, “I spent a lot of time in the water and ended up having blue lips for some of the photos because I was so cold!”

The Hunting Season EP was recorded and mixed on Bowen Island, B.C., by producer Winston Hauschild at the Treehouse Studio.