Sonic Exploring Modern Andy Releases “Beginnings” From New Self-Titled EP

What would happen if you held a radio frequency amplifier to an Andy Warhol painting, if the great pop art of the mid 20th century could come alive, sing, orchestrate? Modern Andy’s debut self-titled EP is here to answer that question, presenting whimsy-soaked satire of the popular imagination as a sonic experience.

Check out “Beginnings” on YouTube here:

Modern Andy is the creation of Eric Paul Tutskey, a multi-instrumentalist and genre-fluid musician currently based in St. Louis, Missouri. Drawing inspiration from the late, great Andy Warhol, the “Modern Andy” character aims to poke fun at popular music while using it as a creative vessel for satire. This EP is Modern Andy’s story, providing a soundtrack to his “15 minutes of fame” journey.

“The only requirement I made of myself for this EP was to push myself into new uncomfortable areas to grow as a musician and to hone my craft as a songwriter,” says Tutskey. “I was sick of being labeled a DJ so I decided to only play live instruments on this EP without the use of loops, click tracks or anything pre-produced… I am a self-taught musician and I pride myself on this fact. I played 12 different instruments on this EP. I self-produced the EP, I was the recording engineer on the EP and the songwriter for all the songs. Needless to say, it was an exhausting endeavor and one that made me a much stronger songwriter.”

Listen on Spotify here:

Two of the tracks (The Other Side & Hazel Eyes) feature the stunning vocal stylings of Cara Ristau, who adds a female perspective to Modern Andy’s story, and another view of his journey through the construct of relationships and living life amongst others, both in the physical realm and the ethereal.

Modern Andy’s signature sound is derived from a combination of analog instruments and recording techniques fused with electronic music roots, giving each release its own heartbeat. With a background in audio engineering, television broadcast, and event production, Modern Andy is driven to create songs that are hand-tailored, aesthetically precise, and imaginative, creating a deeply personal listening experience for everyone.

The Hollywood-based Indimore Records picked up Modern Andy’s debut EP in February of 2023, and have released it under their eponymous label. This January, Modern Andy received 3 Honorable Mentions with Special Recognition from the SongDoor International SongWriting Competition, with “Yours Truly” coming in with Top Honors. He describes making this EP as “one of the best artistic decisions he has ever made.”