Rising Country Star + ECMA Performer Lisa Richard Releases “Sunday Confession” 

We all face different challenges and obstacles that life throws our way, and sometimes, it can be a lot. However difficult, we just need to get through the tough days, let them go, pick ourselves up and get right back to it the next day – that’s exactly what Lisa Richard is proclaiming to do on her latest single, “Sunday Confession” – check it out on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkFI0hvQgCI

The New Mills, New Brunswick-born female country sensation is back and is as soulful as ever! She begins the song by singing, “There’s different kinds of walls – some high some low. And then there’s those – you build yourself. You can hide behind them or be brave enough to climb them. How will you know – if it’s heaven or if it’s hell.” Her powerful and distinctive contralto voice perfectly executes these lyrics, reminiscent of pop-superstar icon, Cher. 

Listen on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/track/5Rvbbgg1ufApacSCzF0eUx?si=f3a830b54e9f4119&nd=1

It’s so fitting that Sunday Confession came to life in Nashville, Tennessee, which is recognized worldwide as the capital of country music. “Sunday Confession concept was born in Nashville. The hook was a line that I woke up singing so I am not sure exactly how that happens, but that’s truly how it started,” Richard explains.

The talented country singer and songwriter gracefully dives into the chorus by showcasing her extensive range in her soulful, bluesy voice, which is on full display as she sings:

“Sometimes you are the king.

Sometimes you are the fool.

Sometimes you just can’t win.

Sometimes you just can’t lose.

Sometimes you’ve got no choice.

Sometimes it’s yours to choose.

Is it a Sunday confession.

Or a Monday morning blue.

The listeners can hear and feel her reflect on the idea that life can be unpredictable and that we may sometimes find ourselves in different roles or situations, whether it be as a king or a fool, a winner, or a loser. “The song is really about letting go of stuff by the end of the week and getting it off your shoulders or you will start the next week with a Monday morning blue.” Richard continues by saying, “We all carry some baggage and some more than others, unfortunately. I am reminding myself to let things go before I get stuck.”

Fans can listen to Sunday Confession on her debut full-length album, Promises Kept, produced by CCMA Hall of Famer, Jason Barry & Danny Bourgeois. Lisa’s emotional and heartfelt Promises Kept album was nominated for the 2022 Country Recording of the Year at the Music Nova Scotia Music Awards.