25,000 Streams In A Week – Toronto Rocker Emily Mac Raises The Stakes With “Kills Me To Love You”

Submitted by Sandy Graham

Relationships are supposed to be a two-way street and when you feel like you are drowning in that partnership, then it’s time to get out and move on. Female classic rock sensation Emily Mac exposes those truths on her newly released single, “Kills Me To Love You.”

Check out “Kills Me To Love You” on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6eVJ78-LLg

“Kills Me To Love You” begins with a thunderous blast of drums bringing electric shock through the listener’s ears, combining Emily’s powerful, yet husky vocal prowess and rebellious energy. You can hear the conviction of sheer vulnerability in her vocals when the song opens as she shouts, “F–K your games. All I do is lose. Your love is fake. And your lips are loose. All you do is take. I gave it all to you. Now I’m done playing. The Devils muse.” 

“Kills Me To Love You was written in the studio with my producer Dajaun Martineau. We were throwing ideas around and nothing was sticking,” Mac says. “Then the line ‘Kills Me To Love You’ popped out of my mouth and we were both like – Ooo yah! There’s something there!”

Listen on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/track/4qtZh9UjQQZeV8iXLFo6vy?si=e7ef2fb7bb5e4609&nd=1

The gritty and fierce rock star from Toronto, Ontario conveys the pain and struggle of being in love with someone who is no good for her, as she expresses this message in the chorus:

“Your blood runs black.

You can take all your darkness back.

It kills me to love you.

It kills me to love you.”

“The lyrics are honest and raw and points out the conflicting emotions that come with trying to let go of someone you know you shouldn’t be with,” Mac explains. “I wasn’t just thinking about romantic relationships gone wrong. I’ve had those in my life, but I’ve also had friendships that were toxic where I had to break up a friendship which can sometimes be harder than ending a romantic relationship.”

Co-written and produced by gold certified producer Dajaun Martineau, Emily had a solid supporting cast in the production for her new hit single which is evident when the song erupts into a climatic electric guitar solo from Ben Healey, bringing the listener back to the glory days of ‘80s hard rock; that compliments her empowering delivery and allows for the vocals to shine and take centre stage.

“I love classic rock and wanted to have an epic guitar solo in this song like they used to back in the old days,” Mac says. “My guitarist Ben Healey channeled all of his emotions and frustrations into his guitar playing, giving a performance full of angst and fire which fit in perfectly with the edgy mood of “Kills Me To Love You.”

This marks Emily’s first release since her debut single, “Whiskey Like Me”, that has amassed over 27,000 streams from listeners throughout 94 countries. Over the course of her career, she has performed at numerous festivals, such as: Canadian Music Week, Indie Week, TD Toronto Jazz Festival, Beaches International Jazz Festival and internationally with performances at New York City’s The Bitter End and The Rockwood Music Hall.