Tonia Cianciulli Returns With Emotional “Thousand Cries”

Everything can look fine on the outside, however, it’s what’s truly happening on the inside that matters most. The talented classical artist, Tonia Cianciulli, shares her own experiences of internal struggle on her newly released single, “Thousand Cries.” Check it out on YouTube here:

The Newfoundland-born, Toronto-based singer and songwriter paints a beautiful, yet realistic picture of what her life was and is currently like as she moves through life the best she can, while dealing with painful and emotional struggles.

The lyrics of the song are deeply moving, exploring the pain and suffering when dealing with anxiety and depression. Cianciulli’s vocal delivery is raw and vibrant, capturing the heart-wrenching pain of grief and the longing to find closure on her every-day struggle. The opening lines, “She could feel the storm coming, she could feel the rage running,” shows she is aware of the approaching turmoil and is feeling overwhelmed by it all.

Listen on Spotify here:

The multifaceted and versatile musician describes her motivation behind making this deeply moving song by saying, “I originally wrote ‘Thousand Cries’ in 2013 as a song to my inner child, and present self. It was written to address waves of anxiety and depression I’ve experienced over the course of my life.”

This new single appearing on her forthcoming album, Love Me Till I’m Me Again, showcases Cianciulli’s incredible vocal range and emotional power. The song’s melody that allows for her voice to take centre stage. You can hear the message she is conveying which is evident in the chorus:

“Her heart’s lost despite a thousand friends.

Oh what will it take this time?

She’s hearing a pounding sigh.

Oh what will it take this time?

She’s hearing a pounding sigh.”

Not only is Cianciulli a singer/songwriter, but also an award-winning author, and always available to offer words of encouragement to the listeners by saying, “Don’t be afraid to reach out to family and friends to ask for help, or to simply let them know you need a listening ear while you unload some of the chaos in your mind. These conversations are so critical to have because we are not alone.” 

The final lines of the song, “Her soul will still show the way, it’s leading her she will stay,” depicts the difficulties and challenges she faces, yet her determination to keep moving forward. She is relying on her inner strength and resilience to guide her through the storm and is determined to find a way to heal and overcome her pain.

Cianciulli adds one last message remarking, “This song now takes on an even deeper meaning for me as I journey with my teenage daughter over familiar waves, and into new territory.”