Folk Rocker Aaron Wylder Releases “Don’t Let Me Down”

You’ve got to love what you do and draw inspiration from whatever drives you to be the best you can be. The love and passion for music and the art of songwriting is clearly defined by the brilliant indie-folk rock star, Aaron Wylder on his newly released single, “Don’t Let Me Down.” Check it out on YouTube here:

 The Cayman Island-born, Victoria, BC-based indie-folk sensation has once again blessed our ears with this new soulful and raw introspective track that can be heard on the just-released Adventure Songs EP.

The song kicks off with a poetic and acoustic melody that instantly puts you in an upbeat mood as the soothing sound of Wyler’s voice guides you on a musical journey. “I’m looking for the sun to shine. I’m looking for words to rhyme. Oh don’t let me down. Some days I feel like. Only way that I’ll survive. Is with a guitar in hand.”

Wylder can be heard in the first verse referencing his desire for the sun to shine and for words to rhyme, searching for positivity and creativity. The title phrase, “don’t let me down” emphasizes the importance of achieving these goals and not losing hope.

“This song describes my animalistic passion and competitive drive to be a truly successful singer-songwriter,” says Wylder. “It is me saying, hey world, I may not be this or that, but this is who I am.”

Listen on Spotify here:

With the steady strumming beat of acoustic guitar setting the tone throughout the track, Wylder sings about his love for rock ‘n roll and creating meaningful music. “Cause I’m just a boy. From a sandy island. But I love rock ‘n roll. And I sing from my soul”, paying homage to his proud Cayman Island roots and his passion for his music.

The authentic and nostalgic singer and songwriter go on to add, “This song is me presenting myself to the world and making a statement that I have arrived.”

Wylder shares his struggles, facing all kinds of different challenges but he uses music as a coping mechanism, putting him in his comfort zone with a guitar and pen in hand. Making music is how he expresses his emotions, and he uses those words as a way of encouragement to continue writing and making soulful and honest music.

“I learnt to sing along.

To the beat of my lonely heart.

I don’t mess around.

I learnt to read and write.

To the beat of my lonely fight.

I won’t hit the ground.”

The 25-year-old Canadian singer/songwriter’s new EP, Adventure Songs, builds on his blend of indie folk and Americana. “I try to write what I hear in my head and what I feel in my chest,” says Wylder. “It’s a damn cool thing to write a song that you love and speaks to others as well. If I’m able to make music that I enjoy and people enjoy it too then I’ll die a happy man.”