Blues Rockers Midnight Miles Release “Coming On” Single

You can feel it coming alright! You can literally feel that heavy drumbeat taking you on a journey, just before the electric sounds of the guitar relinquishes that angst in Midnight Miles’ newest single, “Coming On” – check it out on YouTube here:

The 5-piece vintage rock band from Montréal, Quebec lets it all out as they get set to introduce their Steal Away debut EP, dropping this Spring.

“Coming On” is a rhythmic anthem that punctuates a combination of bright blues and rock vocals with elements of jazz. This track takes you on an exploration of the human condition and the need for change. The lyrics describe a night out that lasts too long and leaves the central character feeling disoriented and disconnected from reality. The chorus urges the listener to “feel it coming on” and to be ready for change. This is evident when lead vocalist and song-writer – Ryan Setton is heard saying:

“Can you feel it coming on, Got a little bit of time to spare.

Can you feel it coming on, Everybody wanna’ get their share.

Can you feel it coming on, Just let the melody flow.

Can you feel it coming on, Baby let’s go.”

“In writing ‘Coming On,’ we wanted to express something that would encapsulate the angst that many of us felt throughout the pandemic. That yearning to break free, try new things and feel unburdened,” says Setton. He continues, “Like a shot of riff-driven rock ‘n’ roll adrenaline, ‘Coming On’ is about all the infinite possibilities awaiting us just around the corner, so close you can almost taste it.”

Listen on Spotify here:

The Steal AwayEP is filled with classic rock sounds including other bangers such as, “Don’t Worry (‘bout a thing)” and is a perfect backdrop for going on long countryside road trips or riding through the city, as the fluidity of their music makes your mind and spirit roam free.

Setton describes the influence and creative process behind the making of Midnight Miles’ debut album by explaining: “The name of the EP Steal Away is taken from the first line of one of our songs ‘Last Time’ and literally means to escape or sneak off, which conveys the general feeling and mindset of the record.”

The authentic rock ‘n’ roll band consisting of Ryan Setton, Justin Wiley (drums), Shaun Ryan (bass), Paul Lucyk (guitar & backing vocals) and Peter Grant (guitar & backing vocals) have gained a reputation for their electrifying and liberating live performances and have often been compared to The Black Keys and The Black Crowes, thanks to their dynamic and exciting rock sounds.