Adrienne Nye’s “I Need The Light” Focuses On The Journey Of Relationships And Seasons

Adrienne Nye’s single “I Need the Light” focuses on the metaphorical (and physical) journey of seasons, particularly dreary winter spells. The single grabs the listener’s attention with crescendoing drum synth pads. The song off her upcoming EP, These Winter Skies, out now, and the 5-song EP comes out April 27.

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The lead single from the project lays out a catchy rhythm with syncopated snaps and staccato keys. Adrienne’s steady vocals drive through the percussive backdrop, previewing the talent on These Winter Skies.

Around the two-minute mark, Adrienne’s vocals dissolve into a showcase of her newly realized electronic production skills, courtesy of producer Cody Taylor at Fiend Recordings Trickling synth backs her powerhouse lyrics as she croons about self-love and acceptance.

“The song is actually about a relationship I found myself in at the time that really wasn’t working. In a lot of ways, this relationship had me feeling ‘left out in the cold’ figuratively,” Adrienne mentioned she stripped down and reworked the production of the song, but the lyrics for this tune poured out of her with ease. 

“One little snowflake on my tongue

There for a second, then gone

And underneath these winter skies

Stripped naked, there’s nowhere to hide

I’ll pull the stars down from the night

‘cause I need the light,” Adrienne sings.

The impermanence of snow parallels the uncertainty of love in life. The ebb and flow of relationships.   

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“Love is often so temporary. Like a snowflake that melts on your tongue, every person you fall for is unique, one of a kind, and often gone in the blink of an eye, leaving you feeling raw and grieving in some ways,” she added.

For Adrienne, this single represents the positivity one can gain from internal reflection. When she finds herself in a pickle or with an issue, she looks to nature for guidance. “I often look to the sky when I need to connect to something bigger than my ego. It humbles me and brings me back down to earth with a little more perspective.”

The album spans the theme of nature, as well. Adrienne said nature helps her make sense of the strangeness that is this thing called life.

“Nature brings me back to simplicity. To simple truths about the world.”

According to the multi-faceted singer, These Winter Skies is a “hopeful and uplifting” foray into the human condition. An exploration of what it means to fully exist. How to navigate life, love, pain, and ultimately, accept yourself.