Get Ready for a Deep Dive into the Darkness with The Curse of K.K. Hammond

Submitted by Sandy Graham

Between two magazines and an online radio station, I receive copious amounts of emails with new music to listen to new, but this one really captured my attention. Swampy is the correct word, but it KK Hammond has a sound and a branding that is both refreshing and unique at the same time.

Dark, dirty, Swamp Blues- if you haven’t heard of The Curse Of K.K Hammond by now you’re in for a wild ride. 

Take a deep dive into the dimmest depths of the swamp where Southern gothic horror and slide guitar come together in unholy matrimony- K.K Hammond’s unmissable blend of traditionally inspired roots music twisted with her own untapped sound will have you hooked. This is no ordinary Blues musician, with a sprinkle from the dark side, K.K Hammond has paved her way as one of the most unique artists in the UK. A self-professed hermit, K.K Hammond resides deep in the Woods, rarely making a live appearance, yet has established a fanbase unlike no other whether it be the mystery shrouding of “The Curse” or the myths surrounding the Old Blues legends mustering a storm of intrigue; K.K Hammond has drummed up some serious noise and may finally be ready to emerge from the Swamp… Not many are pushing for their own sound…K.K does exactly that and has her own style, in factitis more than just a style,K.K inhabits her own dark mystical world’. 

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New concept album ‘Death Roll Blues’ steers you on a journey through storytelling lyrical arches, exploring ominous themes of death interweaved with satirical humour. Opening with an ambient instrumental snippet swirling with echoes from the swamp, title track ‘Death Roll Blues’ slides in with K.K Hammond’s signature slide guitar style encompassed by lo-fi production, emanating early 1930s Blues recordings. With tracks such as ‘The Bone Collector’ and ‘Don’t Sell Your Sunshine For A Knife’ highlighting K.K’s rich vocal tone, ‘Death Roll Blues’ is a testament to her versatility as an artist; showcasing her ability to transition through a plethora of classic genres and create her own space for a new era of Blues music. 

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The record lends itself to K.K’s imagery of emerging from the depths of the swamp, starting out with moodier tones before shifting gears through brighter more vocal centric tracks. Closing out the album we’re greeted with the familiar ambient echoes from the swamp in ‘Swamp Thing Returns’, giving the impression The Curse Of K.K Hammond has once again retreated to the backwoods and disappeared into the darkness. Set to release on 31st March, ‘Death Roll Blues’ is a ground-breaking concept album guaranteed to ensnare audiences far and wide who will be left thirsty for more. Who is K.K Hammond? What is the mystery surrounding the curse?