Folk/Country And Web3 Leader TATIANA MOROZ Set To Release ‘Love Songs For Idiots’ March 23

American folk singer-songwriter Tatiana Moroz announces new album Love Songs For Idiots set to release on March 23, 2023. The album focuses on all the emotions someone may feel when playing the game of love. Whether it be heartache, forgiving or happiness, Moroz explores it all in this forthcoming album. “Keep The Faith”

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Along with her passion for music, Moroz has been a driving force and vocal advocate in the blockchain & Web3 community since 2012, speaking at conferences around the world. In 2014, she created the world’s first artist coin, TATIANACOIN, which funded her 3rd album “Keep The Faith.” 

Listen to “Keep The Faith” on YouTube here:

Filled with life lessons, detailed storytelling and captivating melodies, Love Songs For Idiots was recorded within the course of just three days. It was produced by GRAMMY® Award-winning mixer and producer, Will Hensley (Coldplay, Regina Spektor, Dream Theater, Mat Kearney). While Moroz is on vocals and guitar, Jeremy McDonald plays bass, Todd Caldwell is on keys and Jordan Rose plays the drums. 

Moroz’ first single off Love Songs For Idiots, “Keep Your Chin Up,” wasreleased on August 12, 2022. As she sings, “When you wait for something/ And it never seems to come along/ It’s a little bit hard to keep your chin up,” the song is about how easy it can be to get discouraged during heartbreak. But as the chorus and the beat pick up she sings, “Then you realize it could be worse/ You should turn off the waterworks/ Cause it’s gonna be OK either way/ It’s gonna be OK either way,” and the song highlights the strength someone can find within themselves during a painful time. 

Her second single, “Through The Night,” which was released on September 16, 2022, is a slower melody with silky vocals. It has blues elements as the song tells the story of overcoming hard times. “Stop running, there’s nowhere left to go/ The dark times won’t kill you,” she sings. 

Now, days before the release of Love Songs For Idiots, Moroz is releasing her third single, “Whatcha Gonna Do,” on February 10, 2023. Through this upbeat track, her folk and country flares shine. Powerful guitar riffs drive the song and compliment Moroz’ vocals as she sings, “What is the limit, and are we still in it?/ Can we go and change the tide?/ Tell me what to do when they come for you.” The message of the good always winning over the bad bursting. 

Moroz has given a great preview of what to expect from her upcoming album. She truly captures the many different aspects of love. Songs like “Love Myself,” will touch upon self-empowerment and moving on, while songs such as “Tiny Little Walls,” will tell the story of overcoming fear and trying. 

Love Songs For Idiots has something for everyone. Its storytelling is relatable and captivating as it goes through the many ups and downs as well as stages of love. You can listen to the 12-track album on March 23, 2023.