Don’t Miss Out On James Blonde’s New Single “FOMO” And Their 2023 Tour Dates

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You’ll never know what’s out there unless you go and see for yourself. One thing is for certain…you do not want to miss out on James Blonde’s newly released single “FOMO” and the first batch of tour dates announced for 2023, including stops in Toronto, Kingston, Montreal, New York City, Cleveland, Nashville, and a hometown concert in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Check it out on YouTube here:

 This track starts off with a high energy guitar riff which immediately gives off wild and frantic vibes. The band captures their emotional state of frustration of what’s going on in their minds and releases it with the purpose of getting you to feel their same energy.

“FOMO was an important song for us to make.” James Blonde explains, “It fully encapsulates this popular feeling among the band members where we miss out on a lot of life from having such a different schedule to others, and sometimes feeling too drained to muster the energy to go out and do things that could otherwise be fun.”

Listen on Spotify here:

The high-octane band from Niagara Falls express their feelings through their electric chorus:

Fear of missing out.

You don’t want to doubt.

That when you go.

You’ll be better off.

You got the fear of missing out.

Don’t know what about.

How could you know.

That you’d be better off on your own.

“FOMO” was a collaborative effort among the talented threesome as they share their confessions about the anxieties and fears of missing out and always being left with the question, what if?

“We wrote this song with a big and busy chorus with high-energy guitar riffs trying to match the energy of the song with the expectations we build in our minds of ‘what could be’ that we might miss out on.” James Blonde goes on to explain further by saying, “In contrast, we wrote a more somber and slightly chaotic crescendoing verse to match the building anxiety that comes along with the Fear of Missing Out.”

This message clearly gets across when the alt-rock trio sing their 2nd verse, “Your best friends’ invitation has waged a battle on your soul. You have to pick your poison. There might be stories you missed out. Sometime down the road wished you were there.”

James Blonde arrived on the music scene in their hometown of Niagara Falls on New Year’s Eve 2017, opening for Sam Roberts and Serena Ryder. Following their full length self-titled release in 2017, the lead single “Heartbreak” was picked up by major Spotify playlists and Starbucks, who added the song to its in-store radio across the globe.

James Blonde 2023 Tour Dates:

February 15 – Toronto – Horseshoe Tavern
February 16 – Kingston – The Mansion
February 26 – Montreal – Petit Campus 
March 2 –  New York City – Pete’s Candy Store
March 12 – Cleveland – Mercury Music Lounge 
March 14 – Nashville –  The 5 Spot
March 23 – London – Palasad Social Bowl
March 30 – Ottawa – Live on Elgin
April 13 -St Catharines – Warehouse – Album Release Show