Swedish-Danish Pop Artist Frida Maria Creates “Magic” With New Single

There is magic inside each and every one of us, and it’s our job to mold it into something great.

That is the theme behind Swedish-Danish artist Frida Maria’s latest single, appropriately titled “Magic.”

Listen to “Magic” on YouTube: https://youtu.be/JzCJu9lLkqc

In “Magic,” Frida explains the energy and possibility within each of our own realities. We have the power to shape our personal experiences, transforming the abstract feelings and visions in our minds into something we can touch, see, and live. This is what makes us all our own magicians.

“Everything I feel right now

It’s in my heart

Everything I see right now

It’s in my mind

Baby, can we be right now

Oh, let me, let me hold you in my arms

‘Cause everything I breathe right now

It’s life, oh, and it’s ours”

The idea for “Magic” originated in 2017 in the bathroom Frida shared with her ex at their place in New York City. Inspired by the power of manifestation, they wanted to make a song with purpose. Now six years, some re-recorded vocals, plenty of updated production, and tons of life experience later, “Magic” is finally a reality.

Listen on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/track/1Jpwlz8yXfYfsD3nW226my?si=3a588ebecbcd4411&nd=1

“We updated the feeling and mood of the song because life changed, experiences changed, and the magical intention changed,” Frida said. “The original essence of the song is the same as it was from the beginning, and the love I/we put into the song is something that will always be very close to my heart.”

A handful of helpers have been instrumental in the creation of “Magic.” Carlos Alejandro Calvet Aguilar composed the first piano structure, Dante Gastelum of Tricyclo Music put together all the other instrumental parts and produced the entire song, and a whole host of people were important to the making of the song’s music video, out on YouTube now.

Made at Panoram Studios in Mexico City, the video for “Magic” depicts a character, played by Frida, slowly progressing from a seemingly innocent woman dressed in white to a darker, shadowy figure covered in makeup that renders her unrecognizable from the start. This demonstrates the evolution our individual magic can take on our realities.

“We had a base plan on how we wanted to create a transformation between different characters and personalities, but we weren’t 100% sure what to shoot throughout the day and went with the flow and with how the character developed from sweet and virgin-looking to dark and fully emerged,” Frida said. “All the characters merge into one.”

As you watch the character shift through the video while Frida serenades you with melodies of magic, you can feel the power of your control over your own personhood.

“The magic is within you, and by showing all these characters, we wanted to convey that in an artistic sense, that you create your own reality, and everyone possesses the ability to play out their characters in their story,” Frida explained. “You have to accept all parts and sides of yourself. Dark and light. Don’t hide who you are. Accept them, learn from them, and emerge them into the entire human being that you are.”