Mystery Romance Release the “Story of We”

Submitted by Cashbox Canada

The new single from Calgary, Alberta band Mystery Romance is “Story of We” from the album Flying Thru The Moon (Current Records). Mystery Romance enjoyed mainstream success in the late 80s and early 90s charting three singles domestically, and one song (“So Far Away”) internationally. 

Check out “Story of We” here on YouTube:

The “Story of We” is a feel-good pop song that tells the story of a relationship that has lasted many years. Over the years since then, the lineup has evolved to include core members Mike Scullion, Stewart McCullagh, Leroi Keiller, Rhys Green and John Lapsley. In 2022, the band decided to record a new CD after several of their previous songs had been featured on international TV shows, most recently The Shrink Next Door with Paul Rudd and Will Farrell. Flying Thru The Moon contains new compositions like “Story Of We” and some of their most important recordings from the past.