Karma Isn’t Just A Young Person’s Game: Mark Wihlidal Releases  “You And Me”

Submitted Cashbox Canada 

Fed up with lies from his partner, Oshawa, ON singer/songwriter Mark Wihlidal puts his faith in Karma on his new single “You and Me,” following his joyous debut single, “Life Can Be A Mystery” released in July 2022. Both songs were written and recorded collaboratively with his band, Mark Wihlidal and The Doctors of Music.

Check it out on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/kerPP2dBevs

The band takes us on a “Bo Diddley bluesy” trip of a relationship that has gone wrong with the hope that Karma will balance everything out.

“You can run but, you can’t hide

Karma will get you every time

You can’t hide those little lies

It will catch you from behind”

What goes around comes around is the underlying theme throughout his new single, as Wihlidal points out: “I truly believe that Karma, like in the chorus, keeps things in balance. I believe that good things will happen to those who do good and will eventually catch up with those who do things that are not so good.”

“You and Me” came to be in the Summer of 2022 when Mark and his bandmates were trying to record a home studio song. After Mark left the studio and went back home, he found new guitar riffs perfect for the verse and chorus. The very next day, he took it to lead guitarist, Steve Bekessy, who added his own flavour with some electrifying guitar riffs of his own that can be heard throughout the track.

Listen on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/track/2ybASxrZsdBYn0MFDts9zW?si=4qaJ3ELsRYy8gU5xZJyh9A&nd=1

When Mark was writing the chorus for “You and Me, it was originally intended to be about his experience with a previous employer in the private sector. He witnessed employees being mistreated and wanted to see that company face reckoning, “You can run, but you can’t hide. Karma will get you every time.”

After the verses got worked out, it became clear to Mark that “You and Me” is about a relationship that has gone wrong as the lyrics on the track point out – “You left me standing here, leading my mind into nowhere.”

The soulful blues/rock singer recently seen in the major daily newspapers from Oshawa to Niagara Falls including top-ranked music sites like Tinnitist, Canadian Beats, Cashbox, Record World and more, drives this message home as he says: “I think a lot of people have been in this situation, a relationship is going great and suddenly, it’s over or they are gone. This situation leaves you confused and wondering what happened. Again, the chorus makes the whole song relevant as we all hope that Karma will fix these kinds of things.”


Editor’s Note: The mandate of our magazine is to give indie artists a chance to be heard as well as our legacy artists. Ageism is also something we do not tolerate and so it is with great pleasure we get to give Mark Wihlidal the cover story on the magazine.