Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Record World International!

As the end of 2022 is fast approaching, it is always a time to reflect on the times past and focus on what the future could hold for us all.

No matter what has passed in this last year, COVID, lifting of restrictions, trying to function both as people and as well as music industry folks it has certainly had its challenges. 

But the one consistent thing we have is the music. There has and will always be music.  There is music for birthdays, funerals, break up songs, make up songs, falling in love songs, songs that remind you of a specific time or place in your life. And without the artists who create these precious gems we would not have that shimmering glow in our lives so I want to thank each and every one of the artists we got to write about in Record World International as well as play on Cashbox Radio.

I also need to thank the incredible Team Record World International for keeping us going and for their sheer devotion and love of the music.  

Ian Robertson who devotes time weekly to give us our wonderful cover graphics as well as all our artist profiles on Cashbox Radio. His fresh approach keeps us current and is always a pleasure to see what he comes up with for us.

Boyan Pinter who has just joined us a journalist and will be covering our European markets and festivals. His insight, clever writing and knowledge will be giving us a much needed fresh perspective

Don Graham who has been contributing to Record World International from the first day of inception and always has a way of getting the most of the interviews with the legendary greats

Michael Williams of MuchMusic VJay fame who brings us great perspectives on the scene who knows so well. 

I would be amiss not to thank all the artists who submit to us, but also the great PR people around the world, but a special thank you to Eric Alper who brings us some of the best artists out there – most have never been heard before. 

And of course, my amazing partner in crime, Peter Astedt, who took up the torch with me to bring Record World International back to its rightful place in the music world.

A New Exciting Year! – Peter Astedt

We are leaving 2022. A year that started with us still in lockdown but during the year we found in time we were given  more and more of getting our freedom back. At the same time with freedom several other urgent things have become reality that change everything in the world.

With that we also can change the music industry that we work in. COVID changed the live industry forever. The digital assets have changed how we discover music forever. With that we are in a huge leap on how the music industry will evolve in the future.  Next year will be a year when nobody will know nothing, at the same time here will be startups on many new companies, and things that will change the industry forever. A new world will form and that is exciting!

At the same time, we will lose many people. The new music industry will get rid of a lot of people that probably think they are sure they have a spot even in the new industry. We will also see many people that can’t make it since they don’t understand the mechanism of the new industry.

I can’t really say how everything will evolve, but it will be exciting. Just hang on to the ride and have a open mind and it will be fun.

Editor’s Note: We will return January 6, 2023 and look forward to more music to listen to and write about – Happy New Year to all!