Canadian Country Artist Lynne Taylor Donovan Offers Special Holiday Wishes with “Dear Santa”

More toys? More tech? Not so fast, sings a voice of reason.

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Lynne Taylor Donovan’s stirring old-school alto delivers a potent—and perennial—holiday message in “Dear Santa.” Adult contemporary- as well as country-friendly, the ultra-listenable track lends itself to multiple playlists and diverse formats. The timely lyrics by Tony Koenen offer both an appeal for peace to the universal Father Christmas and a plea for family spirit over excess spending to the Santas on the home front:

It’s not the gift, it’s the thought

And I’ve thought this one through

Giving of a gift is so easy

But giving of yourself makes wishes come true.

Recording this song was a no-brainer for Donovan: “I was conditioned by advertising as a child into believing that Christmas meant gifts and gifts meant love.” “Dear Santa” dispels that seasonal myth with a classic melody and the singer’s trademark warmth and style.

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Born in Vancouver and based in Okanagan, British Columbia, Lynne Taylor Donovan hosted her own TV show as a teen. From “Talk to Me” to “Tennessee Whiskey,” her long string of country and crossover hits has made her a recognizable star in Europe, the U.K., and Australia as well as throughout Canada.