Montreal-Based Queer Non-Binary Indigenous Artist Siibii Follows Up Top 10 on CBC Music’s Searchlight With “YOY”

Montreal-based queer, non-binary Indigenous artist Angel Baribeau, known through their music as Siibii, has released their newest release, “YOY” – Check it out on YouTube here: 

“YOY” is a gut-pulling anthem professing the woes of watershed moments highlighting youth – some good, some bad, and some downright traumatizing.

Production-wise, “YOY” is an infectious melody that resonates within listeners’ ears long after the song is playing. When you couple proficient musicianship with the lyrical prowess of someone learning to love themselves, you get the inspiring ballad that “YOY,” and Siibii, truly represent.

Listen on Spotify here:

Siibiii is hailed as a champion of mental health awareness among their listeners, and their newest release double’s down on Siibii’s empathetic abilities. Preaching kindness and self-acceptance, “YOY” holds the listener accountable for daily assaults on their mental health without being condescending. The entire production comes from a place of love, regardless of how confusing our actions my be sometimes.

Lyrics such as “My inner child needs a little help / to show some kindness to my future self. I’m gonna need it / if I’m gonna get there,” represent this idea perfectly.

At 300,000+ streams across all platforms, Siibii’s messages within their debut EP For Those I Love(d) (released under their former performance name, Angel Baribeau) continues to ring loud and clear. Siibii is stepping into their new name with a total artist rebrand and an upcoming music catalog.

With stunning vocals to amplify vulnerable and honest lyrics, Siibii’s debut EP For Those I Love(d) included “Wish We Were Older,” hitting #1 on the Indigenous Music Countdown and won “Best Music Video” award at the Toronto Indie Shorts Film Festival and garnered them the Young Canadian Songwriters Award presented by the SOCAN Foundation. Siibii is currently working on their second music project, a self-titled album set to release in 2023.