Los Angeles-Based Katery Ponders The Big Questions In New Single “TWO WORLDS”

Who are you? What do you do here? Why do you make your decisions?

These are crucial questions for all humans to constantly evaluate, from now until death. In Mexican-born, Los Angeles-based musician and actress Katery’s latest single, “TWO WORLDS,” and video, which she co-produced and co-directed with Edgar Pavia, she provokes listeners to ponder these principles.

Check it out on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrldoU52bUs

 Over a fusion of electronic and pop instrumentals, Katery lays down how we’re not all as different as we’re led to believe. War and other forms of fights have been mainstays throughout human history. These conflicts are rooted in the belief that we are different from one another – that the people on that side of the line are fundamentally not the same as people on this side of the line. But are they the actual enemy?

“Who is this person in front of me?

Are we really two different worlds?

Who is the real big enemy?

Is it you? Or who put us to fight?”

Katery’s goal is to inject empathy into our regular routines.

“I wrote this story because I believe it’s one way of describing how I see the world,” she explained. “One of the solutions that I see to live in harmony is to be more empathetic and understand that we are the same, we are exactly the same being, only expressed in different consciences, with different perspectives.”

“TWO WORLDS” is the first chapter in Katery’s first rock-electropop opera, “Undoubtedly Intertwined.” The story is set in a dystopian science fiction future where five cyborgs are programmed to collect information from post-apocalyptic planets to analyze what caused the end of these civilizations, including Earth. Ky, one of the cyborgs, is the focal point of the lore, evolving and awakening as its experiences mount.

Listen on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/track/3zjtGhHFulHN2i0OYqWwbE?si=2760ab809a7c4687&nd=1

 This song was selected as the first on the project to promote the internal questioning Katery wants for her listeners.

“I invite us to start questioning ourselves,” Katery said. “Question yourself if you and I are really different worlds, are we really so different? Who are YOU and what are we fighting for? You who fight against me are from two different worlds, or that’s what they told us? Do you really believe it?”

It’s only when we consider these nuances, or lack thereof, that we can achieve a deeper connection with our fellow humans and find a greater peace in this world.

“I want us to be able to translate to a different scale where we can question why our decisions are made, what are the consequences after I do this, who am I becoming when I make this decision, big or small, which is what am I giving to others?” Katery explained. “What am I going to become when I do?”

“Undoubtedly Intertwined” is Katery’s third musical project, following her first to EPs, “Muses” and “Muses II,” both released in 2021. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2019, she has acted in Apple TV’s “Acapulco,” Mauricio Ochmann’s short film “Diaz,” Indigo Bates’s short film “Que falta,” and a handful of other productions and music videos. She has also written, directed, and edited music videos, digital commercials, and short films with internationally recognized producers and agencies, such as Aca Films, The Lift, and McCann.

“My hunger for knowledge and creation have made me travel to various countries and learn different cultures,” she said. “My need to explain the world made me write this science fiction story to explain what I perceive of life and to teach us more about empathy, forgiveness, and compassion of humanity by understanding that we are a mirror of each other.”