Tortured Soul Wants You To “Take The Day Off” For Their New Album 

Productivity is certainly the key to morale; however, sometimes you have to press pause and live out a fantasy. Much of this album is dedicated to the idea of playing hooky–and it’s much more fun to play hooky with a partner in crime than to go it alone. Let Tortured Soul be your “bad” influence. Let it be our fault that you decide to shirk your responsibilities for a bit. No judgement here. We advocate guilt-free hedonism for a day, or two.

That being said, descending too far into the depths of hedonism has its consequences. It can make you emotionally weak, cause unnecessary anguish, and make you fixate on a reality that doesn’t actually exist, so beware of spiraling out of control. Keep your wits about you, and a day off could do magic for your soul. And guess what? Taking a chance and taking that day off with us might just be a springboard for an exciting new relationship! Or a new chapter in a long-standing one…

Champagne anyone?