RnB Artist MATELL Mourns Loss of AARON CARTER With Release of “Honest Man” and “Something To Fk With” Single

The power of music has always been a vessel for connecting with others – it supersedes language, indifference, and beliefs. It is a method that has brought the farthest ends of the world closer together, and Matell’s newest releases, “Honest Man (DJ Tremelo Remix)” and “Something To Fk With (DJ Tremelo Remix)” embody that very sentiment. Check it out on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfVdPtDdsiI

Matell’s passion for music has always been clear. However, there were few people who influenced him as much as actor and rapper, Aaron Carter. A handful of conversations fueled by a deep connection with music between Carter and Matell made the Colorado-based artist want to release the singles now.

After Carter’s untimely passing, it became a fire that will burn forever within Matell.

Matell reflects on his light-hearted conversations with Carter, saying, “We tossed around ideas and talked about other things along the way. Aaron would want me to talk about music, which was a shared passion between us. His spirit carries on in his music. My heart goes out to his son Prince Lyric Carter.”

Matell’s collaborative effort embody the spirit of Carter’s music and general take on life. Matell wrote these songs exclusively for Aaron to sing and produce on his Rakkaus Records. “‘Honest Man’ came from a conversation about people taking you seriously. Carter told me he would stay home and work on his music, despite what people said – and that’s where I got that concept.”

Listen on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/track/2VWav0dtDfzMcc65adB7JS?si=c6db058ecdbc491a&nd=1

“ “Something To Fk With” came from our messages online. We would go back and forth writing instrumentals to lyrics or vice versa, and I decide to change one of those compositions to reflect the current climate in the news and the chaos in the world.”

Matell has appeared as a featured performer in tribute to iconic jazz singer Nancy Wilson at the BMA Music Awards, and as a special guest on Minnie Foxx’s Los Angeles concert tour. He has been honored by VH-1’s Save The Music and nominated for Song of the Year as a lyricist for “We Will Survive.” Matell was also nominated for the Best Editor’s Choice Award for Outstanding Writing for “Eastern Trees” by the American Poetry Society.

Matell says, “Rest In Peace, Aaron Carter. Your family, your fans, and the world truly mourns for you. Your spirit lives on through your artistic integrity.”