Suzanne Cook Honors a Friend’s Life—and Perhaps Ours as Well—with “Same Old Tune”

Suzanne Cook’s new single “Same Old Tune” is a tribute to a late friend that celebrates hope and enduring love – reaffirming what matters most and a refusal to concede ground to life’s impermanence. 

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Suzanne’s down-to-earth yet confident performance delivers the song’s lyrical music and poetic structure in a heartfelt, genuine way that reflects the singer’s and composer’s shared admiration of Bob Dylan—and the art of the wandering troubadour:

And the words that he’d write

For the love that he’ll share with you

And he’ll dream of a life as he sings the song.

Cook’s folk-hewn voice hits the notes dead on, bringing the young man’s tale alive and taking us on his personal journey – hinted at, musically, by Charlie Giordano’s virtuoso organ, which evokes the church, the road, and the sea. As rendered by the singer, the message is clear: life is impermanent, but the power of love, words and dreams endures. The subject of the song may be long gone, but you’ll remember him all the same.

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Cook crossed the miles via technology to record this track with an international cast of players directed by the capable producer Mark Plati whose credits include David Bowie among other well-known artists. Now she looks ahead to literal travel: “Our next objective is to play our material live in the USA and Canada. We can’t wait to share our music with new audiences.”