Rockers Evil Creek Explore The Healing, Connective Power of Music in New Single and Video “Away From The Sun”

Music has a profound way of making us feel less alone, and that was particularly true during the pandemic. And yet at the same time, live music halted, also stunting some of those musical connections. Ottawa-based rockers Evil Creek capture this conundrum with their release of their new single and video “Away From The Sun”, from their forthcoming EP of the same name out December 2.

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An Americana-tinged guitar anthem with introspective loud-quiet dynamics, “Away From The Sun” takes a deep dive into mental-health issues and depression, exploring loneliness and isolation.

I know I walk alone

My shadow follows me

Takes away my sanity

Take a look in my eyes

See I’ve become so hollow

Will I make it through tomorrow

The corresponding music video tells parallel stories of a band and an individual who found themselves closed off from the world

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“A lot of people face a very real and legitimate daily struggle with mental illness,” the band said. “Throughout history, touchpoints like music and social connections have provided coping and healing mechanisms in this struggle. But when Covid came along, we were all forced into isolation with no end in sight, no good news, and very little interaction to create a balance. This really amplified the impact of mental illness struggles across the world.”

In the video, the man eventually finds some peace as he makes his way towards a cozy living room and puts on some headphones, finding a cocoon – and connection – there. The camera then cuts to a scene where the same man stands in front of the band in that empty bar and he fist bumps the singer, as though he’s there.

“I want people to identify with the character in this video,” said band member Johnny McConnell. “I hope for them to realize the satisfaction of knowing that no matter what we go through in life, music is always there for us – to change us for the better, to wrap its arms around us, and to empower us.”

Voted Music Group of the Year in the 2022 Ottawa Awards, Evil Creek are a rock band that creates music honoring multiple musical traditions, with a heavy groove behind energetic riffs and eerie, melodic vocals. Evil Creek’s songs tell an emotional story that each audience member can easily interpret and make their own. Formed in 2017, the band unites several accomplished musicians who capture the power and authenticity of unplugged musical performances, honed through years of road work and playing live. The result is a raw, real, and immediate experience that has earned Evil Creak a loyal legion of fans.