Veteran Lyricist And Accomplished Rapper Deuce Fantastick Teases New Album With Powerfully Empowering New Single “4L1v3”

Driven by slick cadence and gut-wrenching storytelling, Edmonton’s Deuce Fantastick’s newest single “4L1v3” delivers deep rhythms and colorful portrayals of perseverance – check it out on YouTube:

 Actively fighting against the negativity in the world, Deuce throws lyrical jabs of gratitude and positivity aimed directly for the listener. Hoping to inspire greatness in his fans, “4L1v3” preaches the importance of overcoming personal demons while rising above self-doubt.

“I wrote ‘4L1v3’ because I feel like the world has been filled with a lot of negativity in the last couple of years. I wanted to create a piece that could raise the vibration by speaking about gratitude, love, and positivity while at the same time talking about my own personal journey of inner growth.”

Listen on Spotify here:

Teasing the release of his newest album, Billion Dollar Dreams Vol. 2, The Future, “4L1v3” sets the pace for this ambitious rapper. “4L1v3” feels deeply personal to Deuce Fantastick as he spits personal mantra’s and up-lifting verses. Deuce reflects on this sentiment directly, “ ‘4L1v3’ speaks on a lot of essential subjects such as overcoming your demons, rising above lower vibrations, and self-doubt. When people hear this song, I want them to close their eyes, listen to the lyrics, and feel as if it is them speaking my words – a mantra of sorts.”

While the messaging in Deuce Fantastick’s newest single is inspirational and empowering, the production value really sells “4L1v3.” Brimming with swagger, Deuce Fantastick delivers hard-hitting bass licks and diesel-powered drum cadence that leans the track towards something reminiscent of early 2000’s East Coast rap.

Deuce Fantastick’s songwriting and performing has sent ripples through the music industry. Climbing the ranks in order to stand above those competing for a share in an oversaturated market, Deuce’s intricate flow patterns, lyrical abilities, smooth storytelling, and ingenious fusion of rock, reggae, and rap music help this breakout artist rise above the competition.

Deuce Fantastick’s music career started in 2004 where he performed with Edmonton’s hip hop group Peep Game. From there, he would branch off into his solo career with the release of his debut album, M.O.T.H (Memoirs of the Hustler), released in 2017. In 2018 he competed in the Vancouver edition of “Coast to Coast” where he won first place and was given the chance to perform in Miami, Florida.

From there it was only up for Deuce Fantastick. He collaborated with artist and producer Mac Millon on a reggae/rap EP only to follow the breakthrough release with another tantalizing single, “Audio Cardio.” The artist has consistently released music since then, Billion Dollar Dreams vol.1, The Present being his most popular, garnering more than half a million streams worldwide.

Finding his talents to feel slightly restrained, 2021 was a vessel for change for Deuce. Shifting gears to focus on T.V. and Film production, he teamed up with Adam Little and created two albums that received praise and sync licensing from Gramoscope Inc, seeing at least five placements on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Throughout Deuce’s career, he has had the opportunity to do hundreds of shows with prolific artists and musicians such as the Outlawz, Snoop Dog, BONE THUGS N Harmony, Method Man, Red Man, Big Boi of Outkast, The L.o.x, Fabulous, Pusha-T, and countless others.