Toronto’s Valentyna Finds Her Strength Calling Out Doubters In New “Motivators” Single

The pop song of the fall season is a dance floor anthem written by Toronto’s own Valentyna Sichko, who takes a gorgeous melody and a take-charge message to those non-believers in you.

The powerhouse Ukrainian singer-songwriter currently studying at the Stella Adler Academy of Acting fell in love with singing as a young teenager. The realization of expressing oneself through song became the driving force behind Valentyna’s determination. She would go on to perform at a variety of singing competitions in Toronto, leading to her most recent drop: “Motivators”.  Check it out on YouTube here:

 “‘Motivators’ is to help spread the message of resilience,” Valentyna explains. “Too many kids, teenagers, and young adults become discouraged, or are afraid to chase their dreams because of someone else’ negative opinions.” Her wish was to write a song that encouraged individuals to chase their dreams, never give up, and keep pushing through.

“If it feels right to you, don’t let others haywire your plans,” she adds.  “This is about some haters,” she coyly begins the lyrics, “and you know what I call them? Motivators.”

Listen on Spotify here:

 The song is a bass-infused pop offering of good times and better vibes. Valentyna shines on the melody – inverting from singing to poetic breakdowns. The song asks you to roll down the windows, throw the drama in the rearview and head out on the highway in a brand-new direction to a brand-new beat. Valentyna dares you to rewrite your own narrative and turn the chapter on an entirely new story. And she does it in a way that makes you move, groove, and set the speakers and your good thoughts from loud, to stun.

“I loved the creative process ‘Motivators’ has gone through’”, adding her gratitude to be working closely with Grammy-nominated record producer/songwriter Roy Hamilton III, in addition to her artist development by The Singer’s Company.

And as “Motivators” continues to inspire its audiences, and to motivate them to find it inside of themselves to rise up and move forward, it also serves as the precursor of the music still to come. Valentyna is currently working on a variety of new music; pushing herself out of what she calls her “comfort zone”. She says she is “thrilled to break through any limitations, .”

Take a spin through “Motivators.” Beyond being a catchy, dance-infused pop production, it’s a lesson on finding lemonade in lemons, and refusing to back down. Valentyna is a double threat – a singer/songwriter with an ethereal voice to carry a melody – and a message.