Julie Neff’s Powerful Vocals And Harrowing Angelic Production Creates A Once-In-A-Lifetime Experience In “A Lot Left To Learn”

Delicately weaving between difficult emotions and deft vocalizations, Julie Neff delivers an astoundingly emotional performance as she reflects on lost love and perseverance in her newest single, “A Lot Left To Learn” – the final single and video from her Over It EP.

Touching on the vulnerability of sharing yourself with someone, “A Lot Left To Learn” traverses the terrain of love not meant to be – how sweet a partner can be, yet they still may not be for you. Love comes in many shapes and sizes, and while some love is forever, it often is merely a stepping stone – a point of learning in a lifelong journey.

Check out “A Lot Left To Learn” on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIKMrkhUzhc

 Julie Neff’s ability to create powerful melodies and driving rhythms through her vocalizations is uncanny at best. Her incandescent storytelling is fueled by heartbreak, creating a powerful connection between the breakthrough artist and her productions.

Neff talks about her heartache, saying “I wrote this track right after finding out that someone I really cared about couldn’t continue spending time with me for reasons out of both of our control. It was a moment of deep heartache – but without the anger or bitterness that can make those moments easier.”

Listen on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/album/6YxEPfN6dXfI9VrII3JW2Q

 Without distracting emotions and vices to occupy her mind, Neff put her sorrows to the ivory keys, letting her heart and hands do the talking as she sat passenger to her emotionally charged cognitive dissonance.

“The song came swiftly,” Neff recalls. “I wrote it on piano, which is not my typical go-to. Since then, I have found beauty and comfort in singing this track. It helped soothe that pain that I felt by creating a piece that I find heartbreakingly beautiful to sing.”

“A Lot Left To Learn” is a beautifully simple ballad. Slow movement and rich harmonization from cello and background singers give the production enough movement to stir up our emotions while keeping us entranced – harrowingly similar to the ups and downs of heartbreak. The song feels deeply eerie all while providing the listener with the comforting touch of angelic voices. It is our own personal emotional battle. It is raw – and it is real.

Julie Neff’s newest single teases the release of her lastest EP, Over It released in January 2022. Featuring heartfelt productions promoting self-love and emotional availability, she hosts a spectrum of talented musicians and instrumentalists. “A Lot Left To Learn” features Neff’s close friend Tiz McNamara (background vocals) and Irish musician Dylan O’hEochaid (piano, cello, and background vocals).

Julie Neff is an indie-pop/alt-rock artist who wields her heartbreak into all-encompassing melodies and driving rhythms.

Primarily based in Toronto, Neff has performed her music in Brazil, Mexico, and Argentine all while developing a deeper connection with language and culture along the way. Neff’s vocals are emotionally potent that drive into the listener’s core, assisting in the difficult process of working through complex emotions.

Whether you need to have a good cry or belt out your frustrations, Neff’s music is here to provide a safe and comfortable space for expression. Neff’s latest EP, Over It, shines a light on the open heart needed for vulnerability while planting one’s feet firmly on the ground to create healthy boundaries.