Waterloo’s Breakout Rap/Pop Artist Jai Bentley Dishes With Tales of Heartbreak In “I Met The Devil”

Comprised of an intricate blend of pop fundamentals and Waterloo, ON’s Jai Bentley’s unique brand of laid-back heartbreak, this breakout artist brings a one-of-a-kind stylization to the ever-shifting plain of pop music with his newest single, “I Met The Devil,” – check it out on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLvCbbwkEEo

Known primarily for his contributions to the rap genre, Jai Bentley is no stranger to genre-bending to tell a convincing story. Bentley’s stories of heartbreak and love are riveting, to say the least, making “I Met The Devil” a welcome addition to this young artist’s ever-growing catalog of music.

“I Met The Devil” is a tale of domineering toxic love that feels inescapable. Characterized as “the devil,” Bentley’s former love consisted of on-and-off dating coupled with an ego complex. Despite having similar interests and a strong connection, Bentley knew the relationship was bad for him; he shares his takeaway on the relationship by saying.

Listen on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/track/5NTpWWkV8WuqFdSRFELd4J?si=c8d851f0bbb344e1&nd=1

 “She was evil in the sense that she had all the power over any boy who wanted to be with her. She was one of those girls that all the boys drooled over and wanted to be with. She knew it – and she was proud of it.”

Much like pretty girls, “I Met The Devil” is very much worth drooling over – despite its overall dejected connotations. Built on the foundations of a groovy feel-good guitar beat, Jai Bentley’s message becomes a little easier to swallow as he professes his conflict regarding his dating life. His silky-smooth vocals add a bit of character and a sense of genuinity as he offloads a weight of emotions onto his growing base of listeners.

Jai Bentley is a 21-year-old rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer. Raised on the outskirts of Toronto by his mother, Jai was introduced to music early on in his life. Realizing that he had a potent ear for music, good music came naturally to him as he defined his voice throughout his adolescence.

In 2019 Jai released his first single “Fiction.” “Fiction’s” infectious catchiness took an unsuspecting torrent of listeners by surprise, birthing the start of a potentially fruitful music career for Jai Bentley. Jai’s ability to convey deep meaning and vulnerability through his music has made it easy for him to reach out and relate to his listeners on a personal level as he confesses the trials and tribulations of former relationships.

Producing music at home in his bedroom, Jai Bentley redefines the meaning of “bedroom producer” as he creates powerful hits ready to top charts and warm hearts. Working closely with independent producers, Jai uses his ability to pick out excellent compositions and add his unique flair to them. Once he has settled on an appropriate vibe and timbre, the long haul begins as he sits to mix and master everything himself.

Ever diligent to reap the benefits of his labor, Jai tries to release new music almost every month. Amassing over 90,000 followers on TikTok, Jai has built himself a loyal and supportive fanbase.