Chris Antonik Releases “Trust In Me” From #1 Roots Music Report Album Morningstar

 Chris Antonik, whose album, Morningstar, still sits at No. 1 on the Roots Music Report, has released a blues/hip hop hybrid single, “Trust in Me,” something a little different for the chart-topping blues-rock guitarist who has always pushed the boundaries of blues.

Check it out on YouTube here:

 “I wrote this song as a commentary on how toxic, childish, and mean politicians were becoming in the media in the years leading up to the pandemic,” says the Toronto-based musician. “As a single parent, I needed to work extra hard to drown it out and outweigh it with positive behaviour examples for my kids because there was no help from the top.  How we talk to people is important and it’s incredible how crazy the world was getting in this respect.”

“Trust in Me” features one of the fiercest guitar solos Chris has ever recorded. “Musically, I required this sort of modern, chaotic, industrial-type vehicle to tell my story and to deliver the song’s ferocious and intense guitar solo,” he explains. 

The track also includes a beautifully chaotic and mind-bending soprano sax solo by 2022 Maple Blues Award-winner Alison Young. “Sonically, her contribution matches the frustration and confusion of the lyric’s theme, but also has a desert/mystical/Duran Duran ‘Union of the Snake’ vibe,” Chris says.

“Trust In Me” is the fourth single from Morningstar, following August’s release of “Back to the Good”, July’s “Pilgrim,” and June’s “Waves of Stone” (feat. Jarekus Singleton).

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 All the singles have done phenomenally well on the Roots Music Report, starting with “Waves of Stones,” which landed at No. 1.  Both “Back to Good” and “Pilgrim” also reached No. 1 in Canada on the Roots Music Report’s singles chart.

This kind of reception is nothing new for Chris. Since his nomination for Best New Artist at Canada’s Maple Blues Awards in 2011 based on his debut album, Chris has been delivering innovative and thoughtfully crafted songs that transcend expectations of the genre. His sophomore album, Better for You, was hailed by critics as “the best Canadian blues-rock album of 2013” and “a masterpiece” — with American Blues Scene calling it the “sound of someone taking the blues to a new place.”  His self-produced third studio album, 2017’s Monarch, further expanded the blues’ boundaries into blues-rock, soul and Americana; it was nominated for both Songwriter of the Year and Recording of the Year at the 2018 Maple Blues Awards.

Reviews for his latest album, Morningstar, have been stellar.  All Music Magazine gave it a 10/10, while influential US blues-rock outlet, Rock and Blues Muse, said “Antonik is clearly focused on making music that advances the state of blues/rock and guitar music in general.  He’s got bigger game on his mind and is creating music that will stretch your soul when you hear it. He’s a fully developed artist working on something big. We should all be listening.”

A few days after its Aug. 5 release, Morningstar charted on the Roots Music Report at No. 4 for radio play in Canada (all genres) and No. 7 in the U.S. (for blues rock). The album also hit No. 1 in Canada on the Roots Music Report, the week of Aug. 13, and No. 20 in the U.S. for blues.