Try Not Speed While Listening To Niagara Falls’ Hölt On Blast As “Eyes On 55” Is Advice Worth Taking

Wailing guitars and thunderous drums are conjured to form a good ol’ fashioned tune about a run-down place and its seedy clientele from St. Catharines, Ontario-based rock band Hölt with their visceral new single “Eyes On 55”

Hölt’s blistering new single is the first release from their upcoming album “Turn Me Ön,” an ensemble of epic tracks with a distinct aesthetic that merges multiple schools of rock to create something entirely new.

“Eyes On 55” is based on an old dive of a gentleman’s club that is no longer open but had a certain charm. Founder of Hölt and primary singer/songwriter Kenny Holt wanted to produce a specific kind of track while paying homage to one of the legendary rock acts of all time. “I just figured that if Mötley Crüe could have a song about good clubs, we could have a song about a bad one.”  

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The music’s kinetic energy moves in tandem with edgy lyrics, which paint a portrait of a shabby gentleman’s club and all the associated debaucheries that lay within.

“Dancing undercover

She’s the devil in disguise

Lipstick and leather

I’ve got Eyes on 55.”

Like many other bands afflicted by the pandemic, the new album “Turn Me Ön” was a labour of love for band leader Kenny Holt who dug deep to put together a collection of music with meaningthat was heavier than the average rock band. “it wasn’t hard to write songs about the isolation and loneliness I’ve faced at times, the hypocrisy of governments, failed relationships, missing my family back home in England and so on and so forth.”

The recording process was relatively streamlined as Holt sat at the helm of his sonic vision with startling efficiency and not sacrificing quality. “The songs came together reasonably easy for the most part. I pulled out my Rolodex of riffs and put some lyrics to them one line at a time.”

Bringing Hölt to life on stage to ensure the longevity and vibrancy of rock n roll is a talented group of local musicians out of the St. Cathe Catharines rines area. Accompanying Holt’s guitar and vocal work is percussionist Michael Lamb, Dylon Murray on bass, and Ryan Etherington ripping on guitar. Hölt has been bringing audiences throughout Canada to their feet for over 15 years with no signs of stopping any time soon.