Pop Singer/Songwriter Aggie Express The Importance Of Self Love In Her Newest Single, “Happy” 

Through times of struggle, we are often looking for a light at the end of a tunnel. However, up-and-coming pop artist Aggie is here to remind us that life is what we make of it, and that happiness is almost always obtainable, in her newest single, “Happy” – check it out on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulg5QduUQTE

There’s nothing sweeter than a ukulele feel-good song, and Aggie doubles down on this vibe as she reflects on what happiness really means. “Happy” uses a simple yet alluring ukulele rhythm as its foundation, layering muted trumpet and walking bass lines into this sonic serotonin capsule – daily recommended dose at least once a day after meals.

Over the last few years, there have been a lot of changes in everyone’s lives; we work from home, sacrificed social interactions, and for some – lost loved ones. Some people possess a characteristic jovial perspective of the world, and even then, the lockdowns and quarantines have severely pressured even the happiest people into a dark place.

Aggie ponders on her mindset as she wrote “Happy” : “We all work on being happy – we recall being happy or consider being happy in the future. Rare are those who live in the moment, finding and acknowledging happiness every day. Happy is normally followed by a but…”

Aggie’s message is blunt yet delivered with grace. “Happy” encourages listeners to be true to themselves and to carry on without regret; to love themselves and to start the change with themselves. The feel-good energy radiating from this production is coupled expertly with appropriate lyricism, delivered in a way that makes it seem like Aggie truly cares about the individual listener.

“COVID has taught me that there is no time to take; the time to be happy is now. I realized that self-love and acceptance are the keys to being at peace with oneself. Once you master both you can enrich others’ life and really change things.”

Aggie is a singer-songwriter and a performer based in Barcelona, Spain. Aggie records her music in Barcelona but travels to London, New Orleans, and Canada to work. She translates her passion for genres like Pop, RnB, Hip Hop, Trap, and indie rock into a unique music style that is personal to Aggie. Among her major influences, Aggie mentions Sia and MGK for their inspiring ability to innovate and control the trajectory of their productions.

After releasing her first EP, The Breath Out, in 2017 and her first album, Soul Center, in 2018 Aggie decided to take her passion for music to the next level. The plans about telling stories and inspiring others culminated with the creation of HOWIHADADREAM, an indie self-published label. This label has become the vessel for Aggie’s release and distribution.

Armed with full creative control over her work, Aggie focused on polishing her sound, leading to the release of her first music video “I Might” in 2019. For her production, she received an honorable mention at the ARFF Barcelona Festival. The single “Music Box” was released in October 2020 and ended up on Spotify’s editorial playlist “New Music Friday Canada,” giving Aggie a push of confidence to keep creating music she loves.