It’s Time to “Yell!” with Breakthrough Electronic Trip-Hop Artist Modern Andy’s New Single

 Enthralling and mysterious, it’s time to “Yell!” with breakthrough electronic trip-hop artist Modern Andy’s new single – check out YouTube:

 “Yell!” is an interesting specimen to try and take apart, which really adds to the replayability of the St. Louis-based artist’s newest single. Instantly, Andy’s unique sound becomes very apparent, and you are introduced to his distinguishing production style. 

The brainchild of a collaboration between Lowlegs, a Portland band, and Modern Andy, the group had an idea they felt fit into Andy’s style and brought a distinct twist to the overall soundscape. With oceans between them, the musicians got to work, crafting an innovative and satirical take on pop music. 

“Moaning like a zombie but you don’t want brains you want stupid boys and stupid girls /

Cheap like a melody that gets stuck in your head ‘cause it’s bubblegum it’s bubblegum…”

Listen on Spotify here:

 “Yell!” has a mysterious aura about it that absorbs the listener into its deep grasp. Throughout the production, you catch little glimpses of moving melodies or distant harmonies that fight for your attention surreptitiously. Underneath it all are captivating lyrics molded gently into hypnotic vocal deliveries, giving the entire single an air of ethereality. 

“The single artwork for ‘Yell!’ speaks to our method of song creation,” Modern Andy shares. “Having each member cutout of their reality and placed in a make-believe world is how we made ‘Yell!’”

Modern Andy’s signature sound is derived from a combination of analog instruments and recording techniques fused with electronic music roots, giving each release its own heartbeat. Andy’s experience in audio engineering, television broadcast engineering, and event production drives him to create songs that are hand-tailored for individual listeners, resulting in a deeply personal listening experience for everyone.

Modern Andy draws inspiration from the late Andy Warhol, aiming to poke fun at Pop music while using it as a creative vessel for satire. If you’ve ever wondered what Andy Warhol’s take on popular music would be then you’ll want to give Modern Andy a try.