Breakout Spanish Rappers MC Pipo & Doc Filo Bring Tropical Heat To Listeners With Their Newest Single, “No Lo Consigo”

Rooted in the duo’s unique ability to create musical experiences that are highly relatable, MC Pipo and Doc Filo debut their newest single, “No Lo Consigo,” just in time for summer love – and summer loss 

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MC Pipo (Rick Alfaro) is a Venezuelan rapper based in Montreal, Canada who found himself drawn to urban music at a young age. Working alongside Pipo is Doc Filo (José Emilio Rivera), a Salvadoran rapper also based in Montreal, Canada, Filo found himself singing and making music as a child; into his early teenage years, he decided to look at music from a professional angle.

In 1995, the two young rappers met. It didn’t take long for MC Pipo and Doc Filo to realize their similar ambitions and deep-rooted passion for music, particularly fascinated by Bolero – a bittersweet yet alluring collection of love songs inspired primarily by Spanish musical styles. The two up-and-coming rappers faced many struggles on their journey to a successful musical career is metaphorical for the struggle people go through to find love – and the potential pitfalls that await new lovers. 

Despite the ups and downs that come with a musical career, MC Pipo and Doc Filo are going strong and the production value of their newest single, “No Lo Consigo,” speaks for itself. Driven to be the best at what they do, MC Pipo and Doc Filo are persistently and consistently showing the world – and their listeners – there is nothing in the way of your dreams.

The group set out to create a mash-up of reggaeton and tropical music, reaching out to KingAlexBeats for inspiration. Alex’s production inspired Pipo and Filo to drum up a sweet yet sour tale of a romantic relationship that ended but was not easy to forget. This is the finessed summer anthem that is “No Lo Consigo.”

“No Lo Consigo” is a massive production that spotlights the magic behind Island trumpets and Reggae breakbeat. The single has an undeniable tropical heat that delivers a warm dance groove despite the underlying tones of heartache, arguably best medicated with tropical paradise and a dance partner. Coincidentally enough, these are the themes presented in the accompanying music video for “No Lo Consigo.”

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After producing the first version of this summer single, MC Pipo and Doc Filo wanted to take it to another level. As if heaven sent, Dariel Mur Velazco (Dimelo Mur) from Cuba offered his services to the duo. Acclaimed as a talented young musician with a passion for music, the group didn’t hesitate to give him a chance to add the bit of flavor Pipo and Filo were looking for. 

“Dariel gave it a spectacular twist and we knew at that moment we had a great song with huge potential,” the duo reflects on Velazco’s performance. “Afterward, when our label Dance Plant Records heard the track, they liked it instantly and decided to take the gang to Cuba to shoot the video for this amazing single.”

The group knew the song needed a beautiful video filled with extravagant images, so they opted to shoot the music video in Havana, Cuba, and Varadero. Featuring small cafes and intimate scenery, “No Lo Consigo” has a perfect counterpart for its beautiful tale and imagery. 

“It’s as if the planets had lined up for this song to be a possible success,” the group shares, expressing their gratitude. “Honestly, it was a very nice experience. We had a lot of fun from the beginning of the creation of the song until the production of this incredible video. We are truly grateful to all the people who participated and made this possible.”

While these two rappers complement each other’s strengths and bolster each other’s weaknesses, no team is complete without a competent engineer; the group credits their more recent singles’ clean and executed sound to producer KingAlexBeats, who can provide complete productions with a great mix of musical styles. 

The group’s proficiencies and talent are presented expertly in their newest summer single, “No Lo Consigo.”