Legendary Performer, Actor and Activist Tom Jackson Releases New Initiative for Raising Support for the people of Ukraine

Submitted by Sandy Graham 

Actor, Singer & Red Cross Ambassador Tom Jackson Releases New Music Special & Fundraising Initiative in Support of Millions of Children Impacted by Conflict in Ukraine with the “Red Cross Ukraine Appeal” Featuring Calgary Philharmonic, Andrea Menard, Mac Shepherd, Christina Martin, Beverley Mahood & More.

For millions of Canadians, watching the devastating impact the conflict in Ukraine continues to cause has left us eager and wondering the best ways to help. As a long-standing beacon of inspiration and guidance in such situations, actor, singer, philanthropist, and Canadian Red Cross Ambassador Tom Jackson knows one such way with the release of “Red Cross Ukraine Appeal”. 

“Children in Ukraine — and around the world — need to know that this generation stands behind the next” — Tom Jackson

Watch the Red Cross Ukraine Appeal video on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlKiSHF7JPA

Concerned for the 7.5 Million+ children directly affected in Ukraine, as well as those around the world exposed to its news, the Companion of the Order of Canada recipient took time amidst his current filming schedule for CTV / Crave’s forthcoming production Sullivan’s Crossing to create the grassroots fundraising campaign. With so many avenues of aid required in response to the conflict, Jackson’s poignant focus with this initiative provides lift to the unique emotional and mental health support needed for youth’s well-being in the wake of the affray. 

“After more than 100 days of conflict in Ukraine, the facts and images are particularly disturbing knowing that millions of children are at risk and directly affected,” Jackson shares. “The spillover is children around the world are also affected by this crisis in ways that they will probably never know…

“The conflict in Ukraine is not the ‘next normal,’” he continues. “Especially as international coverage fades and compassion fatigue sets in. Rebuilding and recovery will take years and, more importantly, we have to wonder: how will Ukraine’s next generation respond? 

“Helping kids be kids again is our mission with this fundraiser; children around the world need to know there are adults committed to their well-being.” 

Produced by Tomali Pictures Ltd and Joe Media Group, the sweeping music special features Jackson — in addition to band members Tom McKillip, Phil Hall, Samantha King, John Thiel, Joey McIntyre, and Simon Kendall. 

The Calgary Philharmonic also appears in addition to Beverley Mahood, Andrea Menard, Robert Walsh, Mac Shepherd, Duane Steele, Christina Martin, Dale Murray, and dancers Kennedy Bomberry, Katie Couch, and Samantha Sutherland with choreography by Alejandro Ronceria. 

“The musicians and artists featured in ‘Red Cross Ukraine Appeal’ continue to be extraordinarily generous with their time, creativity, and passion around issues that need to be heard,” Jackson says. “Just witness the talent in this fundraiser and you’ll understand their heart and drive.” 

The 35-minute special available on YouTube also includes Canadian Red Cross President and CEO Conrad Sauve. The Red Cross is concerned for people impacted by the ongoing fighting — both those still in Ukraine and those who have fled to neighbouring countries; as such, there are currently upwards of 41,000 trained Red Cross volunteers actively responding to meet humanitarian needs in Ukraine and the surrounding regions. 

“Every day I’m inspired by the work done by the Red Cross — especially those on the frontlines of conflict,” Jackson says of working with Sauve and the Red Cross as a long-time Ambassador. “The global show of solidarity and support for those affected by this crisis has been massive and instantaneous. Now is our chance to raise the standards of all refugees and displaced people in need of humanitarian support and protection. 

“The best way to help kids be kids again is to support the teams of Red Cross and Red Crescent Society as they roll out their action plans, and producing this online concert is just one of the ways to support their efforts,” he adds. “My hope is that you and your loved ones are well, and can watch the video, pass it on, and ask the world to connect with us to help others.” 

“Red Cross Ukraine Appeal” is available now, and donations to its fundraising initiative can be made via https://tomjackson.ca/red-cross-ukraine-appeal/

About Tom Jackson 

As the country’s most beloved, celebrated, recognized, and active philanthropist, actor, recording artist, and author, Tom Jackson is the recipient of 11 honourary degrees, both the 2007 JUNO and Gemini Humanitarian Awards, holds the Governor General’s Performing Arts Award for Lifetime Artistic Achievement, and more. 

A long-time Ambassador for the Red Cross, Jackson also volunteers with Calgary’s DOAP Team (Downtown Outreach Addictions Partnership), and has hosted his signature seasonal cross-Canada fundraising campaign, The Huron Carole, in support of local food banks and regional relief for 34 years and counting.

Jackson was promoted to Companion of the Order of Canada in 2020 — the highest designation within the Order. “When I was appointed an Officer of the Order of Canada in 2000, I questioned why at the time,” he reveals. “Since then, this promotion to rank of Companion is validating the work my team has done for many decades. And that work has converted the word of love to the verb of love.”

Tom Jackson is widely recognized beyond our borders, as well; holding court with a global audience beyond Canadian screens is something the celebrated musician, actor, and author has sweeping experience in. 

With countless marquee TV and movie roles to his credit — including North of 60, Shining Time Station, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Law & Order, Outlander, Cardinal, Cold Pursuit, Deadfall, Mee-Shee: The Water Giant, and Grizzly Falls — he’s currently filming Sullivan’s Crossing (CTV / Crave), an emotional drama based on novels from bestselling author Robyn Carr. 

As for music — a passion he cites as his first love — Jackson recently released the poignant song, “Lost Souls,” Canada’s inaugural National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, as well as The Essential Tom Jackson, a dazzling two-disc, 21-track retrospective spotlighting his inimitable talent as a folk-pop singer/songwriter.