Future Echoes does Norrköping Music Day again 25 of August, 2023 in Norrköping, Sweden

Submitted by Sandy Graham

During the pandemic, we created a smaller version of Future Echoes called Norrköping Music Day 2021. It was a great event, so we decided to keep the event and develop it further.

Norrköping Music Day is like an upstart to Future Echoes. The event is free, and we are educating people that want to get into the business on how a showcase festival works, and what to do to make the most of a showcase festival. This is the place to learn how it all works for free. The event will be on Hallarna in Norrköping, where we had our past festivals.

We have three panels with big international speakers during the day. In the evening we have three to four acts playing.

We are aiming the event at the music industry that is in the Norrköping area, but we hope that people from other places that want to mingle with both local and international industry professionals who are in attendance. It’s a good start to understanding how to navigate Future Echoes or any other bigger showcase festival.

Right now, we are seeking out three to four acts that want to play during the event 25 of August. You find all applications here. We will soon announce speakers. The application is open until the 10 of August.


Norrköping Music Day is also presented in cooperation with Lilla By Festivalen in Sweden. All our speakers will afterward head down to Rinkaby outside Kristianstad for Lilla By Festivalen which takes place 27 of August, 2023. If you want to meet the delegates in the south of Sweden check out the link under and buy a ticket.


Don’t forget that also the applications for Future Echoes 16 to 18 of February 2023 are open. We are already in booking mode for that as well.


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