Encapsulating Every Emotion & Beyond, Pop-EDM Artist Frida Maria Creates “Moments” with New Single 

When Frida Maria was ready to encapsulate all the emotions running through her at once, she would soon discover that she had created some “Moments” in the form of a new single – watch and listen on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ma-6wMJq2E

 “The meaning of the letters are yin and yang because it’s pretty dark writing — but in another way it’s happy and the song/beat/melody itself gives you a happy feeling,” Frida shares of the song with Charlie Atom. “It’s a play of emotions we face daily; everyone experiences ‘moments’ in their own unique way, so the writing is pretty universal when you think about it because it can apply differently to whoever is interpreting the song in their own precise ‘moments’.”

A Swedish/Danish multi-talented artist, model, and actress, Frida Maria dreamily incorporates electronica in a new age, indie, pop-rock soundscape that is as much a nod to the dance floor of Studio 54 as it is a beacon of a new generation of musical conception. Her tantalizing vocal prowess hooks the listener and holds their attention captive through exciting, exhilarating beats woven into each song’s harmonic atmosphere. 

“For me, writing music and lyrics/poetry is always something very deep and profound as I’m channeling my inner emotions when I do it,” Frida reveals. “When a song comes to me, it’s usually in ‘moments’ when I feel either very sad or very happy, so the song ‘Moments’ was an inspiration in that sense; I wanted to create a song and text by being in the now, in the ‘moment.’”

Adept to writing the lyrics and singing the songs that speak to the universal truths of everyday life and what it’s like to live it, Frida excels at such on the new song. With piano-charged and rushing electronic crescendos alongside harmony-rich melodies, “Moments” fascinates and resonates as an instant dance floor classic — ready for the next frame of action. 

Speaking of “Moments” of action, the song came together in a moment all its own. 

“I came with the lyrics and the initial melody to DJ Charlie Atom and I sang it to him acapella in his studio in Mexico City,” Frida recalls. “I tried to not overthink it too much, and wrote it very quickly with feelings and words that just came to me. 

“Quickly, he nailed down the piano melody structure of the song, and we went directly from there to record the vocals before he did the entire production of additional beats/instruments and mastering. 

“We made this song in a few hours, and I think that is why it’s nice that the name is ‘Moments,’” she continues. “We just went for it and didn’t hesitate to create a cool piece of music in the moment we were in at the time.”

It’s the tale that will make you take pause and savour the “Moments” all your own.

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