Chart-Topping, Award-Winning Canadian Country Artist Deborah Lynn Unveils “Something Good” 

Award-winning Canadian singer/songwriter Deborah Lynn channels her country music influences to tell an enchanting tale about letting go of the past with the release of her touching new single, “Something Good” – check it out on YouTube here:

Foregoing the traditional take on despair in love songs, Deborah Lynn frames “Something Good” as a bright reflection on personal growth and overcoming the negative obstacles in life. “This is a song about letting go of the past, learning from it, and knowing that if you are patient enough, good things will come your way,” she shares. 

Deborah Lynn effortlessly shines with her uplifting vocal presence accompanied by textured guitar work to provide a heartwarming sensibility to the song overall. The expert production work is reflected in the expertly refined sonics and unlocks the true potential of “Something Good” as an anthem for moving forward in life toward greener pastures.

The songwriting experience on Deborah Lynn’s latest single is different from the start. “I tend to focus on the painful moments of my past when writing songs,” she reveals. “My producer wanted to focus on something with a positive message.” 

With that shift, the warm tone embedded within the harmonies on “Something Good” is complemented by the meaningful message in the lyrics. 

“I must have done something right

To be where I am today

Wouldn’t change it if I could

I’d do it all the same

The road that I was on, led me astray

Something good finally came my way.”

Born in Stirling, Ontario, Canada, Deborah Lynn has been honing her singing and songwriting skills from a young age. After years of being consumed by entrepreneurship post-college, a fateful trip to Nashville, Tennessee, would reignite the country music spark buried within. This moment would kick off Deborah Lynn’s next series of adventures, who quickly rose to #1 on the Canadian Indie Country Countdown with her debut single, “Revive a Ghost.”

Deborah Lynn’s Josie Award nomination for Best Female Country Song is only the latest indication of the sensational response from audiences everywhere to a genuine artist looking to push the boundaries within country music.

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