JUNO Award-Winning & 4x Nominee Reggae Powerhouse Kirk Diamond Delivers Dulcet New Single, “Ruler”

 JUNO Award-winning and four-time nominee Reggae legend Kirk Diamond knows what it takes to create powerful stories laden with prolific melodies. His most recent single “Ruler (feat. Slim Flex)” is no exception to this rule – check it out YouTube here:  https://youtu.be/fO0Cx7bpDkY

The singer, songwriter, producer, and social activist’s music is laced with messages of unity, inclusion, and love joined by the Movement of Ahryel. Since its formation, the band has opened for international reggae powerhouses and performed on global stages.

 With a rich and polished career in the music industry, it’s no surprise Kirk Diamond can muster up such euphonious productions. “Ruler” is a great reflection of Diamond’s prowess and influence on modern-day Reggae. Fusing current production methods and the traditions of Reggae, the track features tasteful synths paired perfectly with pulsing percussion and slamming strings. 

Lyrically, “Ruler” comes off as empowered and self-loving. There is an implication through the lyrics, suggesting that people should think for themselves; people should love themselves without regard for other opinions people may have. There are other subtle reflections on Black beauty and cultural unity, and, without spoiling too much, these nuanced and thoughtful takes are what make “Ruler” a movement. 

“Ruler” is a prolific testament to the culture and history of Black people, and this positive reflection on Black history is what resonated most with Kirk Diamond while writing. In this modern era of Reggae, there are few songs that can hold a candle to this modern-day masterpiece.   

The now-four-time JUNO nominee Kirk Diamond is currently nominated this year in the category of Reggae Recording of the Year for his release, “Too Ruff” with Finn. 

Previously, Diamond was spotlighted on CBC Music’s 10 Canadian Reggae Artists You Need To Hear while his smash single “Love Inna We Heart” held the #1 spot on the Canadian Reggae Chart for over 19 weeks. “Greater” went on smash through to the #1 spot, running six weeks consecutive with a total of 42 weeks on the charts; “Greater” was also awarded a JUNO in 2018. 

In 2020, Kirk was the recipient of the Vigor Award in the Achievement category. He also received a Recognition Certificate from the City of Brampton for being the first Reggae Artist to co-host E-Talk Canada, paving the way for more representation and display of culture in media. 

To date, Kirk is the only Jamaican-Canadian Reggae artist to appear on Freestyle BBC 1XTRA, and the only Reggae artist to close Afro-fest. 

In February of 2022, Kirk Diamond was honored by the renaming of a local city park to Kirk Diamond Park in his town, Brampton, Ontario. The park was renamed to recognize the weight of Diamond’s accomplishments, his top-notch body of work, and his representation of the culture and mark that he has made in Canada and beyond. Kirk Diamond currently is the only living Reggae artist to be honored with a park.

“This means a lot to me being a Jamaica artiste because I know now I have been representing my born land and its culture properly,” Diamond told the Jamaica Observer shortly after the ribbon-cutting ceremony. “And to be the first artiste with such an honor is truly a gift — not only to me but to my children in Black History and Reggae Month.” 

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