Canadian Singer/Songwriter jsin Says “I Choose Love” in Uplifting New Single 

Alongside its gripping and story-rich new music video, Canadian singer/songwriter jsin tells an uplifting story of positivity and self-acceptance with an uptempo edge on his latest single, “I Choose Love” – check it out on YouTube here:

 Groovy from the get-go, “I Choose Love” is the rocking new release from the Toronto-based artist’s eclectic new album, Surrender (2022). The close-out track to the six-song EP, it draws on the pop-rocker’s emotional complexity and compositional strength to construct an anthemic sound embedded with deeply personal ideas. 

Reflecting on his own experiences, jsin conveys his unique perspective through his silky-smooth vocal stylings and a multi-rhythmic approach to instrumentation that fills the ears with delight; rich melodies and a catchy hook are the vehicle for his ideas of self-reflection and the journey toward self-forgiveness. 

“There’s so much anger left in me

There’s a lot of rage I hope I never see

But it’s alive in me and a part I’ll never lose

So I’ll forgive myself and learn how it can be used”

Authenticity and compassion drive the hopeful lyrics to make a genuine connection with the listener and inspire self-love, and jsin’s artistic vision is further realized through the expert visual craftsmanship and dedication toward the music video; shot, directed, and edited by German Prieto, the music video acts more like a professionally produced short film with incredible cinematography to emphasize social situations where a more loving approach is necessary.

“I Choose Love” and Surrender came together under the guidance of jsin’s mentor and longtime collaborator, Adrian Andres. “Every song is me expressing that I have to let myself be, let myself exist, not just let my thought processes or my ego drive my actions,” jsin says of the project’s status as a musical manifestation around his own personal journey. 

Raised in a home that did not prioritize music, jsin’s life was changed forever with the rise of MuchMusic and the popularity of general music culture. After releasing his 2009 debut album Born, jsin began acting in television, landing roles in shows such as The Strain and Designated Survivor. 

With a renewed fire for music and the emotional growth that came along with breaking out as an actor, jsin uses his platform as an artist to inspire hope in others. “We all have struggles,” he shares. “We all question things…

“But we can’t let those things drive what we do.”

In fact, we can choose love, just as jsin says to do. 

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